Yamaha FG840 Guitar Review 2020


Playing a musical instrument is good for the soul and the mind. Studies have shown that playing an instrument has positive affects on mood and exercises parts of the brain that may otherwise go unstimulated. As guitars seem to be one of the most popular instruments to play, there is a huge choice of guitar brands and types on the market to choose from. Doing a little due diligence beforehand can ensure your guitar purchase is the best one for you. The Yamaha FG840 guitar is regarded as a positive type for players of various levels – let’s find out why.

General Overview of the Yamaha FG840

The Yamaha FG840 is recommended for beginner and intermediate-level players. This full-sized acoustic guitar has a warm contemporary look. Known as ideal for playing in a band or solo playing, the FG840 is part of the FG guitar series. Let’s take a deeper look into the Yamaha FG line.

Yamaha FG History

Yamaha’s FG series has an interesting history worth exploring. First released in 1966, the FG lineup was launched with the FG180 and the FG150. When Yamaha was first founded in 1887, it only manufactured pianos and organs. Guitar manufacturing was initiated during the 1940s and a few decades later, the FG guitar line was born.

Let’s take a moment to discuss the ‘Yamaha’ name. While many brands spend a lot of time and money on their marketing efforts, Yamaha has always been quieter on that front. Instead of loudly proclaiming the features of their products or offering flashy promotions, Yamaha has relied on the quality and craftsmanship of their products to stand apart from the rest. Also known for affordable products, the Yamaha name is here to stay.

Another strength of Yamaha is their value of tradition as they style their FG guitars with a classic look. While traditional is important, so too is technology and evolving trends. Yamaha has been extremely successful in their endeavour to marry tradition and technology. All of the FG guitars that have been released since 1966 have been praised as excellent acoustic instruments by modern and traditional players alike.

The idea behind the FG guitar line is that each new model somehow outranks the one that came before it. With progression in mind, the Yamaha team’s release of the FG840 exemplifies craftsmanship from its cured wood construction, hand-sprayed finish, and a dreadnought body that just won’t quit.

The FG840 Look

Guitar enthusiasts love their instrument’s look as much as they love the sound and playing. A guitar that boasts craftsmanship and quality is a piece of art. The Yamaha FG840 looks traditional from the outside but has a contemporary feel and sound that many find appealing.

The craftsmanship is impressive due to the high-quality woods and the durability of the finish to protect it against scratches and blemishes.

The FG840 has been praised for its ability to maintain the traditional feel of its FG heritage while adapting to contemporary sound and playability standards. The dreadnought body size and shape, lovely rosewood bridge, urea saddle, and durable matte neck finish all invoke the feel of the FG members that have come before it.

The Yamaha FG840’s Sound

The FG840 has an impressive sound, partially enabled by the solid spruce top. The strong tonewood ages well so the guitar’s sound only enriches with age. The more you use the FG840, the better it will sound.

The maple laminate on the back and sides of the guitar facilitate a well-rounded and clear sound, making it ideal for strumming and finger picking. The strong sound produced can easily hit the low and mid ranges while capable of projecting in large spaces.

The FG840’s scalloped bracing pattern enhances the durability of the top board and results in the clearest possible sound. The FG840 is a testament to the power of advanced technology as it represents a real step up from the FGs that came before it. Thanks to the Yamaha Research and Development team and their implementation of cutting-edge analysis technology, impressive simulation techniques and analyses were applied to the FG840. The main result of this analysis was the creation of the scalloped bracing pattern as a new acoustic structure ideal for protecting the longevity of the top board and projecting perfect sound.

What the FG840 Comes With

Another great feature of Yamaha’s FG840 is what it comes with. You can start playing the guitar right out of the box as it is ready to go and comes with a hard-shell case for added protection, a strap, clip-on tuner, and even some extra strings. It also comes with an instructional DVD which is ideal for beginners.

As the guitar is known to hold its pitch for days, it requires less tuning maintenance. The vigorous quality assurance testing that the guitar went through ensures this guitar is one you will have for life. Its hand-sprayed finish offers the ultimate protection against dings and scrapes.

Pros of the Yamaha FG840

• Superior craftsmanship
• Strong build
• Classic look
• Sound enriches with age
• Maintains its tune for days
• Easy and comfortable body for playability
• Great price point
• Yamaha’s helpful customer service team

Cons of the Yamaha FG840

• Some prefer more than one finish on the guitar’s body
• Sustain is inferior to FG predecessors
• Somewhat similar design to other FG guitars
• Better suited to beginner and intermediate players

How the Yamaha FG840 Compares to other Yamaha Models

The Yamaha FG lineup is an impressive one. With progression in mind, the Yamaha Research and Development team apply a lot of analysis and technology to come up with the perfect design that will produce a comfortable instrument to play with a great sound and a durable finish.

While some of the other FGs have been claimed as more for professional players, the 840 is known as a better choice for players at a beginner or intermediate level.

Introduced in 1966, the FG150 and 180 models were the founders of the line, and they made a big splash in the musical industry as their new steel strings and dreadnought body proclaimed the guitars as lovely to play, hear, feel, and hold. The classic look of these early models is still felt with contemporary models such as the FG840. The solid spruce tops of the FG 1500 and 2000 produced such a crisp and clear sound, it was continued with the FG840.

The FG840 represents a clear link to its FG family in its style and traditional look. With the look of a classic piece, the sound produced is deep, clear, capable of fabulous projection, and only improves with age. While there have been reports that the FG840’s sustain is inferior to its predecessors, the superior craftsmanship, durability, and impressive finish still makes the FG840 a fabulous step in the evolutionary chain of Yamaha’s FG guitars.

What Others are Saying

Player testimonials on the FG840 are very positive. People feel that for the price, it is an amazing musical instrument that produces an amazing sound through a classic dreadnought body and solid spruce top.

Many beginner guitar players have reported on the ease and comfort of holding the guitar, as well as how easy it was to learn. The fact that it holds its tune so well is ideal for beginners who have yet to develop their ear.

While some have been disappointed on its lack of sustain, the general consensus is that the other features have more than made up for this one area.

Final Verdict

The Yamaha FG840 is a fantastic musical instrument with a proud heritage that stretches back to 1966. In the years since the launch of the FG line, the Yamaha Research and Development team has made a name for themselves through their application of comprehensive analysis techniques and technology to address growing contemporary trends. The Yamaha name itself is synonymous with superior design and craftsmanship, and most musicians would agree that the purchase of a Yamaha FG guitar is a purchase well made and one that will likely last a lifetime. For those that have experienced issues with their FG guitars, the Yamaha customer service team is reported to be thoroughly helpful and flexible.

For those wanting an acoustic guitar with a classic look capable of keeping up with contemporary sounds, the Yamaha FG840 is definitely the way to go. Its strong body and durable finish will protect it against every-day wear and tear, while its sound is known to only improve with age. The FG840 is as lovely to look at as it is to play, feel, and listen to. For a rich playing and projection experience, the FG840 is a definite must-have.



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