TEAC TN-300 Turntable Review


The TEAC TN-300 Turntable hits all the high points of a superior cost-value investment. You can use the turntable to copy and transfer your vinyl records to digital media and play your favorite music with high-fidelity sound. The unit’s design is both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing, and the model pops up on Top Ten lists frequently. The sleek design and superior features make it an ideal investment for those who enjoy listening to vinyl and those who want to preserve their classic vinyl music. The TN-300 turntable is moderately priced, but it delivers greater value for the money than many more expensive models.

Incredible Aesthetic Appeal for Home Use

Hearkening back to the glory days of vinyl, the TEAC TN-300 not only fulfills the functions of a top-quality turntable but also provides an incredible aesthetic appeal. The turntable comes in Cherry, Black, Red and Natural finishes, and it looks like a display piece with its gold-plated RCA connectors that resist rusting for decades.

The TEAC TN-300 Provides a Mix of Classic and Modern Features

Vinyl lovers tend to have a strong affinity for nostalgia, and manual operation is just one of the features that helps to fulfill the desire to play your vinyl collection as it was originally meant to be played. Classicists love the manual tasks of setting up their system and adjusting the counterbalance and anti-skating functions. Some of the top features of the TN-300 include:

The Integrated Phono Amplifier

The TN-300, a medium-priced turntable, offers strong value for your money, such as an integrated phono amplifier. Integrated amplifiers switch seamlessly between vinyl output and electronic output from radio and other storage media, adjusting volume and facilitating the passage of signals. In practical terms, your sound will always be crystal clear, and you won’t need an external amplifier.

Connectivity for Digital Media

You don’t have to give up your digital players for music on the go. You can copy and play your music digitally because the TN-300 has a USB port. You can transfer your music from vinyl to your PC, iPod or MAC to create a virtual library and back up irreplaceable music that you’ve accumulated over the years. You can connect to your computer easily without the need to use a memory stick.

The built-in preamp enables you to connect the turntable to any external audio system – even those without an input. You can connect to a stereo system, computer, stereo amplifier, iPod, music player or even a smartphone.

Classic Design

Unlike most modern turntables, the TN-300 comes in a rich palette of colors and looks like a fine piece of furniture, and it can complement any design scheme. The gold-tipped RCA connectors resist corrosion and provide a touch of class. The engineering creates a sleek look that works well with modern decor and even works in an elegant office setting

Construction Quality

Unlike some aesthetically pleasing turntables, this one is sturdily constructed for long life. The belt-driven turntable is considered better than direct drives, according to most experts. That’s because the elastic belt resists external vibrations from the turntable and ambient room activity. The absorption protects the turntable’s platter, reduces noise and generates clearer and better sound output.

The platter is also covered by a rubber mat for further protection, and the high-torque motor runs quietly with more power because of its Neoprene belt drive.

AT95E VM Cartridge

The AT95E VM Cartridge works right out of the box after minimal installation so that you can begin playing your favorite records right away. This a high-quality cartridge that’s rarely offered on comparably priced models. You get high accuracy in the reproduction of sound, and the turntable’s aluminum die-cast platter enhances sound and reduces noise and vibration.

The cartridge, which is manufactured by Audio-Technica, is considered one of the finest on the market for its cost. It effortlessly tracks the playback of your LPs and EPs, so you get a fuller, richer sound, crystal sound clarity and the ability to detect small musical details you don’t always hear on other turntables.

Rubber Feet

The rubber feet of the TN-300 absorb vibrations from the turntable, which is a common problem with any model. The rubber feet reduce vibration, noise, distortion and skating.

Anti-skating Feature

The turntable also has an anti-skating mechanism in its Audio Technica AT95E magnet cartridge that tracks your vinyl records accurately. You won’t experience any skating – unless your vinyl record is badly damaged. You’ll get the full sound effects of the music without the annoying distractions of noise, skating and vibrations.


The turntable’s tonearm is constructed of high-quality aluminum for durability and lightweight operation. The cartridge uses an elliptical stylus, which generates a better balance in the tracking function.

Pros and Cons of the TEAC TN-300 Turntable

There are a lot more benefits of choosing the Sony TN-300 turntable than drawbacks. The turntable has a built-in phono amplifier equalizer and a USB port for connecting to digital gadgets. The Audio Technica cartridge is considered to be a good cartridge that’s used in other models, and the sound quality is excellent. The pros of the turntable include:

• Belt drive efficiency
• Gorgeous design
• Both phono and line outputs for connectivity
• Easy setup and user-friendly operation manual
• Advanced features for the cost
• USB output
• Works well out of the box
• Choice of colors to match the decor
• Plays 33 ⅓ and 45 RPM LPs and EPs

The cons of the system include the following:

• A sporadic humming sound that’s occasionally reported by some owners
• Converted files that often have a low audio quality
• Quality control that lets some damaged units through
• One-year manufacturer’s warranty

The Verdict

The TEAC TN-300 Turntable, in our opinion, delivers one of the best cost-value investments for classic music lovers. You can play your original LPs and EPs the way they were meant to be played, and you can preserve your music in all types of modern digital media. The cost of the turntable is mid-range, but it delivers features and benefits far beyond the price tag.

The turntable also enables playing your favorite music on multiple systems, and versatility is one of our favorite benefits of any product. Cherished vinyl degrades over time; it’s inevitable. However, you don’t have to lose your music, and you can maximize your pleasure of listening to classic albums and records for as long as your vinyl holds up.



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