South of the Border Guitar Chords


South of the Border Guitar Chords – Step by Step Tutorial on how to play south of the border (by Ed Sheeran and Camilia Cabello) on the guitar. Easy guitar lesson for beginners, tabs included.

“South of the Border” song was originally published in D minor. This is a chord that conjures a sense of contemplation and melancholy. It can create a serious and heavy atmosphere.

D minor can create an almost otherworldly sense of drama. The Dm chord is made up of three notes:

D, A and F

Dm is considered a melancholy chord. However, because of its diverse use, it is hard to pigeonhole it to a particular emotion.

• Songs that have been written in D minor include “South of the Border”, “In the Night” by The Weekend, and “All the Pretty Girls.”

South of the Border Guitar Chords

• Key: D minor

• Chords: D minor, A minor, B flat, F major, C major

• The C chord is one of the five major chords. That is why it features in many pop songs. You might not know it, but you have heard this chord countless times.

• The F major is challenging to play. However, it is essential for any guitarist. F Chord is full of strained wrists, sore fingertips, and fret buzz.

• Don’t dread F major. Don’t run from it! With practice, you can muster it. There are easier ways that you can learn to play F Chord.

• The A minor chord is found in songs across a variety of genres including pop, folk, rock, and country.

• Playing A minor can be a challenge for beginner guitarists. You need to build up your finger dexterity to master this chord. You have to make a quick transition between frets and strings.

• Many songs use the A minor chord. Therefore, it is worth learning. With some practice, you will be able to master the finger positioning needed to play this chord.

• When played alone, the A minor chord has a laid-back tone. That is why it is common in songs with an introspective edge. However, this chord also features in some up-tempo songs.

• The B flat chord features in many well-known songs. Several chart-topping songs have this chord. The B flat guitar chord is one of the most valuable chords to learn as a beginning guitarist.

Learning How to Play South Of the Border on the Guitar

Basic Tips

• Learn on an electric guitar. The faster fretboard and thinner strings of an electric guitar make it easier to maneuver around strings.

• Buy newer, thinner strings for your guitar. Thinner strings don’t require as much pressure to hold down compared to thicker strings.

• Lower the action of your guitar. This requires professional servicing.

Learn How to Play D Minor

The Dm chord is the major chord in this song. The standard way to play D minor starts on the first fret.

• You need to learn the right finger positions.

• You can play D minor with two fingers or three fingers. However, playing with two fingers will not sound full.

• Ensure your guitar is in the standard tuning for playing D minor.

• Learning this chord is pivotal to playing a wider song base.

It is relatively easy to learn to play D minor. However, it might take some time for a beginner to get used to this chord because it involves a lot of finger stretching.

Learn How to Play F Major

The easiest ways to play F major involves:

• Placing the index finger on the first fret of the second string.

• Then, placing the middle finger on the 2nd fret of the third string.

• Then, placing the ring finger on the third fret of the fourth string.

• Finally, strumming three strings down from the D string.

• This is the easiest approach of playing F major because it involves strings in the middle range of the guitar, therefore, it doesn’t require too much strength or tricky fingering.

Learn How to Play A Minor

To play this chord, you should play it as a barre chord. This involves using your index finger to hold down all strings. This creates a bar across the fretboard.

Learn How to Play C Major

You can play the C chord in the third position. This starts with the bass note on the third fret. Here is how it is played:

• Middle finger on the fifth fret of the fourth string.

• Index finger on the third fret of the fifth string.

• Pinky finger on the fifth fret of the second string.

• Ring finger on the fifth fret of the third string.

Song History

“South of the Border” is a spicy-hot collab between Ed Sheeran, Cardi B, and Camilla Cabello, that was released on 12th July 2019. On 9th December 2019, it was certified gold by the RIAA after exceeding 500,000 units in the US.

As of February 2020, the song has received over 80 million YouTube views and over 1.3 million likes. It debuted on Rolling Stone Top 100 and at No. 53 on Billboard Hot 100, when it became available for download in the US.

According to Rolling Stone, it received over 10 million streams in the first week of being offered by streaming services. The track reentered Hot 100 at No. 100 because of increased radio airplay.

The song debuted in the top 15 on official charts in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Slovakia, and Singapore. In the UK, it debuted at No. 40 on UK Singles Chart.

• This song is about sexual politics, US foreign policy, societal boundaries, and the diaspora. Sheeran chooses the perfect woman to help with the sexual politics.

• The trio tell the story of a mutual desire felt between a Latino woman and a white Caucasian man. Ed Sheeran, a newlywed, white Caucasian man, sings about a desire for a Latino woman.

The Bottom-Line

You can easily learn how to play your favorite pop songs on the guitar. The three most used guitar chords in pop songs are D minor, D major, C major, and G major. Mastering these guitar chords will require regular practice.



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