JENSEN JTA-460 Turntable Review


Turntables have gotten the modern treatment. Although classic options are still available, vinyl enthusiasts may opt for updated models that mix the old with the new for exceptional results. The JENSEN JTA-460 Turntable is a great choice. This digital turntable does more than just play records as it can also do analog to digital conversion and so much more. Its advanced features make it the dream player for those who want to use their records while preserving their contents for the future.


This turntable has a low-profile all-black construction that may not be the prettiest in the market but it looks decent and it gets the job done. The top is what you would expect with the record player and a gently sloping dust protector. The front is a lot more busy with an LCD display, a volume knob, a tuning knob, and several buttons underneath. You can use them to skip, record, stop, change mode, and boost the bass. Also in front are the radio band and player function selectors at the right side. Meanwhile, connectivity for headphones, speakers, USB, and SD card are found on the left side.


This model contains a belt-driven turntable with three speeds. These are set at 33 rpm, 45 rpm, and 78 rpm. These provide the user ultimate power in determining how to play back the records. Playing songs too fast results in a higher pitch. Going too slow results in a lower pitch. These preset adjustments allow users get it just right to enjoy the music as it is supposed to be. Whatever your records might be, you should be able to play them properly. The 33 and 78 work well, but some report issues with the 45.


This has built-in stereo speakers which should be good for novices who want an all-in-one device. They are located at the left and right sides of the device. This audio system does well for the most part but the speakers are not as loud as some might want them to be. If you are going to listen close with your chair just beside it, then there should be no worries.


The best thing about this model is its ability to capture the analog signal of the LPs and record it in digital form. The files can be sent to a USB flash drive or a memory card. No external device is required as everything happens inside the machine. People who want to create a digital archive from their original records can use this with ease.

AM/FM Radio

It even has a radio to get you updated on the latest news and give you the freshest music, whichever you prefer. This works well for the most part except that signal strength will vary on your location. There is no option to hook it up to an external antenna to ensure clear signals.

How It Compares to Others Turntables

The Jensen JTA-460 Turntable is a solid choice if you want a multifunction player with recording option. However, it does not have a retro look that some might be looking for. Check out the Victrola Vintage 3-speed, 1byOne Wireless, and DLITIME 3-speed if you want that classic appearance. If you want something cheaper, then go for the Jensen JTA-220 which also has a radio but not the recording feature.

What Others are Saying

People are generally happy with this model. They like the features at this price point. The build is solid and the knobs have a quality feel. The compatibility with external storage is a nice touch. It even has a remote control for convenience. However, the weak speakers, playback issues, intermittent response, and lack of external antenna attachment are unfortunately. These do not have to be deal breakers as the Jensen is still very usable for what it offers.

PROs & CONs Listing

– full coverage lid protects LPs
– small footprint on desks
– high-quality control mechanisms
– Compatibility with memory cards and flash drives
– Remote control option for convenience

– weak speakers require close proximity
– users report issues with 45s
– intermittent response from record button
– No external antenna attachment



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