Jamplay VS Fender Play 2020


It does not matter whether you have a slight knowledge of playing the guitar or are a beginner, having someone experienced to help you is always advantageous. Consider yourself a bit lucky if there is any physical teaching center close to your home. However, be prepared to pay a hefty monthly fee if you plan to join it. The internet is the best solution for those seeking to learn the guitar or improve their skills. Although many online portals that teach you guitar basics as well as advanced playing skills, I have decided to compare Jamplay vs Fender Play in this review, as they, according to me, are the best online guitar lesson sites.


Jamplay Features and Benefits
When more than half a million guitar enthusiasts depend on this site to hone their guitar playing skills, there is no reason why you too should not opt for it. Boasting of 120 instructors and over 6,500 high definition video lessons, they are unarguably the leaders in this field. They offer training for newbies, intermediate, as well as advanced guitarists. Their website is easily navigable, and a dropdown menu allows you to access whatever you need including new techniques.

Their lessons, apart from being helpful, permit you learn the guitar in record time. The techniques and shortcuts displayed by the 100 tutors help speed up the learning process. They have courses for every style of guitar playing. The best part is that you can slow down the playing speed of the video tutorials from full speed to 75%, 50%, 25%, and 10%. The A/B looping option permits you to focus on a particular section. Also, students can see the videos from different perspectives: close up of the picking hand, instructor view, and student view.

Phased out lessons
They have three different learning phases. The first one is for beginners, the second one picks up whatever you have learnt in section one and helps you develop your playing skills in your preferred genres, and the third plase is about learning how to play full length songs.

Teachers and pricing
Some of their teachers include Tracy Bundy, Dave Davidson, Mary Flower, and Andy James. The first three are solo artistes, whereas Andy is a shred master. This excellent portal charges $19.95 per month, or you can save 33% by paying $159.95 for a year.

Fender Play Features and Benefits
Fender Play, apart from helping people learn how to play the guitar, offers lessons in ukulele too. You begin with selecting the type of instrument you want to learn and then select the style. The site currently provides Rock, Blue, Folk, Country, and Pop. I do not suggest that you first choose between electric and acoustic guitar before you select the style, as it makes no difference to your membership. Each of the styles is broken down in categories such as:
• Basics
• Chords
• Exercises
• Glossary
• Technique
• Theory, and
• Tone

Like with Jamplay, Fender Play too offers lessons through high resolution videos. It also provides videos in three different perspectives, close up, student view, and instructor view. You can also opt for a PIP (Picture in Picture) view. While the teachers presented the material very well and spoke quite clearly, I did not find them too inspiring. If you have purchased a Fender guitar, check whether you received a sticker with it, as it helps you get extra value out of the 30 days free trial that the site offers.

Teachers and other features
The number of teachers in this portal in much less compared to Jamplay. Some of the popular teachers include Jen Trani, Matt Lake, and Barrett Wilson (all guitar), and ukulele teachers such as Scott Goldbaum, Nikki Stevens (also teaches the bass guitar). The site offers a special 10% discount on guitars, amplifiers, and gear when you sign up with them. The claim that you can start playing a riff in seven minutes flat after viewing and following three different videos. The first lesson is about the guitar, the second about playing notes, and the third about playing a riff. However, I have doubts about how can they explain the fundamentals of the guitar in two minutes.

Learn for free
You can start your 30 days free trial after which they will charge you $19.99 per month. They offer 58% discount on half-yearly plans and 60% off for annual plans. Currently they are offering a special discount allowing you to subscribe to their lessons for $9.99 per month. Unlike many other similar sites, I did not find any community or forum (Jamplay has them), which prohibits users from interacting with each other or even get additional details about the instructors that are in stark contrast to Jamplay that has questions and answers sessions together with live workshops and lessons.

Hopefully, you have understood the difference between the two sites compared through my Jamplay vs Fender Play review. If you want to learn the guitar professionally, with professionals, I would recommend signing up for Jamplay. They are far ahead of the competitors, and I unhesitatingly give it a 5-star rating.




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