Happy Birthday Piano Chords


Happy Birthday Piano Chords – Step by Step Tutorial on how to play the happy birthday song on the piano. Easy piano lesson for beginners, tabs included.

Learn Happy Birthday Piano Chords, and you’ll be able to surprise anyone at a birthday party! Next time you’re at a birthday, and someone’s looking for anyone to play birthday song on the piano, you can give the performance to cheer everyone up! It’s also a nice feeling to know how to play the birthday song when you celebrate the birthday of your children or family members. You can wish them by playing happy birthday on the piano, getting everyone to do a singalong with you.

A good part about playing the birthday song on the piano is that it is the most straightforward melody to learn. You don’t have to be a piano player or understand the in-depth knowledge of music modes and themes to play the song. Here we present a simple method, that is ideal for most beginners to start playing the birthday songs on the piano to perfection.

Learning How to Play Happy Birthday on the Piano

Even if you have little idea of the chords, you can put your worries to the side and consider the simple layout below:

Start with the Left Hand:
Notes G(4) G(4) A(3) G(4) C(1) B(2)
Fingering 4,4,3,4,1,2

Continue with the Left Hand:
Notes G(4) G(4) A(3) G(4)
Fingering 4,4,3,4
Use Right Hand:
Notes D(2) C(1) A(3) G(4)
Fingering 2,1,3,4

G(4) G(4) using Left hand
G(5) E(3) C(1) using the right hand
B(2) A(3) using the left hand

F(4) F(4) E(3) C(1) D(2) C(1)

The tune will play:


You can repeat the same tune and sing

Learning to Play:

Step 1:
Put your hands on top of the notes. Make sure both your thumbs(1s) are on the middle C.

Step 2:
Name the notes C, D, E, F, G, and play them on the piano using the right hand and using the right-hand practice 1,2,3,4,5 in both up and down position. Use the left-hand for C, B, A, G, F going down and go back to the C. You may find it confusing in the first few attempts but with practice, it becomes easier to manage.

Step 3:
Look at the Happy Birthday notes and run the first note on “Happy.” This note is G, and the left-hand finger is 4. It is easier to play the first phrase; however, an interval comes at “to you,” so be careful to make the jump from 4-1 that is G-C.

Step 4:
It is easier to play the second phrase as it’s mostly like the first one. The jump here comes at one level higher, i.e., a 5th from G-D. You use the right-hand fingers at 2-1 for the phrase “to you.” Repeat these first two phrases until you are comfortable running your fingers to play the tune.

Step 5
For the last phrase only use your right hand having your 4th finger on F covering “Happy” followed by 3,1,2,1 E-C-D-C for the expression birthday to you!

Practice the routine as many times as you want. At the start, you will surely make some mistakes. But these are the most straightforward notes, and with little practice, you will get the hang of playing the birthday song with more perfection on the piano.

A Tip:

A sure way to learn the above example entirely is to implement a better learning method. What you should do is that you should sing all the names of the notes as you play the piano. At first, it will seem odd, and you may hit the wrong notes. But you have time on your hand and the most comfortable melody to play using the basic tutorial here. Take your time and sing the names slowly while playing the piano. Once you master this skill, you will relate the word to what you are playing. You will not have to rely on memory and learn these numbers.

Similarly, there’s no need to carry a piece of paper to play a simple tune. Practicing the theme using the names will help you to understand how to play and what notes to follow wholeheartedly. The song is simple, and the playing technique discusses a primary method for beginners. You will be happily playing happy birthday songs for years to come!

Interesting Information about the Happy Birthday Song

There’s no doubt the melody and song of happy birthday are famous and recognized worldwide. Happy birthday, songs seem to exist forever. What you will find surprising is that the song was not intended to be a birthday song at all. The actual song was, “Good Morning to All.” It came out in America in 1893. The two composers who claim the title of the original were two sisters Patty, who was a kindergarten teacher and Mildred J. Hill who played the piano and was also a composer. The same composition of ‘good morning to all’ came out as ‘happy birthday to you’ on prints in 1912. Since then the tune has a worldwide appeal, and there have been numerous translations of the songs in different languages. According to estimates, the songs have a translation in over 18 languages.

So who owns the birthday song?

In short, no one! There is no copyright to the melody. There have been some claims in the past, but all decisions rule out giving copyrights of the theme. There are exclusive rights of the birthday song to any entity. The strong remain open in the public domain and is free to use at a family gathering, big parties, and even corporate functions celebrating the birthdays of directors and executives. With the lessons discusses earlier, you too will not learn how to play the tune on the piano. You’ll be sure to impress the crowd anywhere at a birthday party with the new skill you’ve learned.

Today most of the people who play these songs find it surprising to learn the origin of the song.



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