Top 10 Best Soundbars under $300 for 2022 Reviews


Thanks to the expensive options available, it is easy to feel overwhelmed when shopping for a soundbar. The good news is that you do not need to spend a fortune to find a model that performs reasonably well. You can find a soundbar that meets your requirements for less than $300. Purchase and install one of them and enjoy the latest blockbuster with your family or friends or listen to your favorite albums by yourself. Find below details of top soundbars under $300 along with their prices as well as their pros and cons. You will be surprised by the wide range of models available, which deliver excellent quality sound, typically offered by higher priced models. Some of the models featured below cost less than a hundred bucks.

1. VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar

VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar

It is an outstanding soundbar speaker system boasting of an audio system designed with the best sound technology to deliver high-quality sound. It is primarily designed to convert your TV set into a home theatre system. It is a wireless system, implying that the connections between the various components are not physical. There is no need for you to worry about your rooms cluttering due to the lack of physical connection wires. At 5.8 pounds, this device boasts of a subwoofer, Dolby Digital decoding, DTS TruVolume, and inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity. The wireless range of this system is 60 feet from the device. I was particularly thrilled by the intense bass and high-quality sound produced by this model because of its wireless subwoofer. The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to wirelessly stream audio files to and from the device and other digital systems such as smartphones, laptops, etc.

• Relatively low price
• Bluetooth connectivity
• Easy to install

• Some problems with Bluetooth connectivity
• Does not support HDMI connection
• Range of wireless subwoofer is rather short

2. VIZIO SB2920-C6 29-Inch 2.0 Channel Sound Bar

VIZIO SB2920-C6 29-Inch 2.0 Channel Sound Bar

Despite being a relatively new company, VIZIO has become extremely popular with users because of their budgetary range of home theater systems. At five pounds, it is light in weight. You will instantly fall in love with the design of this unit, which is a long slim bar with a full black body. You can install this system on a tabletop or wall-mount it. The Bluetooth of this audio equipment worked perfectly without any audio errors when streaming audio from different devices. I was particularly pleased with its sound quality that remained free of distortions, even at the highest volume. It also reproduced the high and mid tones perfectly. The DTS Tru Surround sound of the system worked flawlessly, providing a realistic surround sound system. The LED indicators on the left of the soundbar behave differently with different buttons on the remote control. They help you to understand how the sound system is working. The Bluetooth option permits you to pair this equipment with any other Bluetooth compliant device. The unit delivered crystal-clear sound, which is comparable with the sound produced by higher-priced systems. This unit is easy to install and is designed to provide excellent sound quality. It comes with several ports, including analog and digital, to connect it with your TV. Unlike a full-fledged home theater system, there are no speaker placements and wires to worry about.

• Adjustable bass and treble
• Crisp and clear sound
• No sound distortion even at high volumes

• No subwoofer included
• Only one year warranty
• Separate power on for the device

3. Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System

Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System

Renowned all over for their audio systems, I was pleasantly surprised to see such a low-priced soundbar from them. I did not find any control buttons on the unit itself. Thankfully, the company includes a universal remote control, different from other remote controls as one can program it to control devices. It is, unarguably, the smallest system I have seen. The unit weighs 6.35 kilograms. You can wall-mount the unit, but the company has not included any brackets, meaning you will have to purchase them separately. The status indicators light up in different combinations and colors, displaying the unit's current mode. The universal control provided works only over infrared. The unit has an auto-wake function that turns on whenever the unit detects any sound source. The number of connection ports disappointed me. You get auxiliary, coaxial, and optical connections. The unit has no HDMI port, so keep that in mind while purchasing it. The unit provides Bluetooth wireless, but it does not support the aptX codec. The sound quality was pretty good when viewing movies. The included "dialogue" mode is useful for the hard of hearing as it decreases the bass and increases the spoken word to improve intelligibility. The unit reproduced the mids and trebles perfectly, but the lower frequency sounds lack presence. The offering from Bose is simplistic, but its low price makes it an impressive upgrade. I had expected a better sound quality from this unit, considering it is coming from the stables of Bose.

• Small size
• Remote

• Mount kit not included
• Sound quality
• Price

4. VIZIO SB3820-C6 38-Inch 2.0 Channel Sound Bar

VIZIO SB3820-C6 38-Inch 2.0 Channel Sound Bar

If you are looking for a quality soundbar at a down-to-earth price, look no further than this offering from VIZIO. It boasts of top-class sound clarity, has a very high volume range, and prevents any harmonic distortion. As the unit is connected via Bluetooth, you can use it to stream audio from your favorite devices. It is a compact product with an incredibly stylish look. Its compact size ensures that you can place it anywhere you want or mount it on the wall. The balance of sound quality in both mid and upper ranges pleasantly surprised me. The two powerful speakers the unit contains will give you the best experience of any music. Amazingly, I did not find any distortion in sound quality even at high volume. All I got was crystal clear sound. The device, weighing 5.7 pounds, is powered by Dolby Digital, which gives a lot of dimension to all the audio tracks played on it. The controls atop the device include power control, volume control, input control, and Bluetooth input. The unit boasts of seven connection ports, including USB.

• Versatile
• Has all the right features
• Good sound quality for the money

• One year warranty
• LED display proves a bit useless
• No internal subwoofer

5. TaoTronics Computer Speakers, Wired Computer Sound Bar

TaoTronics Computer Speakers, Wired Computer Sound Bar

You get what you pay for, which holds good for this unit. However, be prepared for some surprises from this wired unit. Even though it is advertised as a wired unit, you can access this 1.42 pounds device via Bluetooth as well, meaning you can stream your favorite MP3s from other devices without physically attaching them to this unit. The ultra-slim design of this device ensures that you can put anywhere you want. Setting up the device takes a couple of minutes. I did not expect high-quality speakers with this unit, but its dual five-watt full-range speakers did justice to the output sound quality. It also connects via cable to any device that has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. This unit is powered through its USB port. It contains a dial knob for volume control and includes LED accents to set up the ambiance. Microphone input port apart, it also includes a headphone output port, making it perfect for late-night gaming or watching movies without disturbing others.

• Bluetooth enabled
• Cable audio connectivity
• Two five-watt full-range speakers
• Compact design

• Weight could have been better

6. GOgroove Computer Speaker Mini Soundbar

GOgroove Computer Speaker Mini Soundbar

Pocket-friendly price and decent sound quality are the primary features of this compact sized unit that is slightly longer than the Macbook Pro. The manufacturer has positioned the drivers at an angle so that the sound is projected directly to your ear. One can understand this as this 1.5 pounds unit is designed to be placed alongside a laptop, below a monitor, or on the table. The unit consists of a plastic casing and an aluminum grill in its front. Its "power on" knob with blue-colored LED also acts as the volume control. The blue-colored LED lighting around the knob indicates that power is on. The bottom of the unit contains a 3.5 headphone port and one microphone port. The device is powered through its USB port. As the device does not offer Bluetooth connectivity, you have to keep it connected to your computer. The audio quality of this unit is quite good considering its price and works perfectly at low mids. I did not observe any distortion at moderate volume levels, but I would not recommend cranking the volume up to the highest standard. Setting up the device is extremely simple.

• Better sound than integrated speakers
• Compact design
• Cheap
• Three-year warranty

• Sound quality deteriorates at high volume
• No Bluetooth connection and a lot of wires are required

7. VIZIO SB2821-D6 28-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound bar

VIZIO SB2821-D6 28-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound bar

I have reviewed several VIZEO soundbars in this compilation, and all of them are a bar above the others, and the manufacturer sticks to its tradition with this model too. I was blown away by the compact and extremely high-quality audio of this unit. Although this unit is a bit more expensive, it comes with a separate wireless subwoofer, allowing you to get much more power out of your audio. The quality of the wireless subwoofer permits you to truly hear the bass aspects of the music or movie you are listening to. This subwoofer gives a lot of immersion, a fact that will impress action movies and metal music aficionados. The solo sound toolbar includes five keys, such as power, volume increase & decrease, play-pause, and Bluetooth. I was quite impressed by the compact layout of the buttons. At 1.75 kilograms, this unit is a bit on the heavy side. This soundbar is a must for individuals looking to have some amazing sound experience without denting their wallets. Setting up the unit is slightly complicated, and I would suggest that you seek the help of a friend who is conversant with such devices. Its Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect it to your other Bluetooth supported devices and enjoy the sound via the unit. Did I forget to mention that it offers top quality Dolby digital sound?

• Inexpensive
• Ships with a good power input

• Not so intuitive
• Complicated setup

8. Yamaha YAS-207BL Sound Bar

Yamaha YAS-207BL Sound Bar

Expect this unit to provide good quality. However, it will not offer a truly immersive listening experience because it lacks height channels as well as performs poorly with surround sound channels. Unlike other units at the same price range, this soundbar has a 2.1 configuration, meaning all 5.1 content will be demixed before they can be played. Do not let its slim chassis fool you as this audio setup has a lot of punch. I was delighted by the modern features of this unit, including its DTS surround sound system. Like many other similar devices, this one also offers Bluetooth connectivity as well as an app to control everything. The device is reasonably priced. A set of modern features, robust sound, as well as the pocket-friendly price, makes this soundbar perfect for excellent quality home audio. The main unit weighs six pounds, and the subwoofer weighs an additional 17 pounds.It is no big deal so long as you keep the unit in one place and do not move it from one room to the other. I was not particularly pleased with the apps and had to read the 20-pages long manual to understand its functioning. Apart from the HDMI option, the unit offers 4K 60Hz pass-through with HDR capabilities. Do not worry about the sound quality as it is the best in all the units I have tested. The manufacturer has also included Bluetooth with support for SBC and the slightly better AAC codecs. Setup is simple with analog, optical, or HDMI connections.

• Price
• Performance
• Cardboard drill hole template

• Nothing that I could find

9. Yamaha YAS-108 Sound Bar

Yamaha YAS-108 Sound Bar

Yamaha has been a leader in manufacturing soundbars that always offer more than what you would expect for the price. At a sub-200 dollar price point, this model too does not fail to impress. It boasts of HDMI, 4K pass-through, Bluetooth, several sound modes, and much more. The unit boasts of one HDMI output and input and it can pass-through 4K video. You can connect it to your TV through 3.5mm analog or by optical digital audio. What surprised me was the fact that this unit supports two Bluetooth connections simultaneously. This implies that you can pair two different Bluetooth devices such as your smartphone as a music source as well as have Google Assistant speaker always paired and listening for commands. Apart from adjusting volume and switching inputs, you can change the bass level as well as select among several sound modes like 3D surround, Clear Voice, and Surround. I wish that Yamaha puts the device's indicator lights on the front of the unit so that users can easily see what mode the device is in. In this model, the lights are on the top of the unit. It generates enough bass, even without a subwoofer to make voices easy to understand. You do not need the help of anyone to help you setup this unit, as the installation and configuration are extremely easy.

• Pocket friendly price
• Easy to setup
• Great Value for money

• None that I could find

10. Soundbar TaoTronics Three Equalizer Mode Audio Speaker for TV

Soundbar, TaoTronics Three Equalizer Mode Audio Speaker for TV

It is an excellent unit that delivers amazing sound. I was not so impressed by its 32 inch length. This is why it is suitable only for those who have enough space to put it. However, the unit is quite light despite its bulk; therefore, moving it around is not much of an issue. You might face some difficulties depending on how your TV is set up, especially if you want to connect it via wires. However, this is not an issue since this device supports Bluetooth connection as well. The wired connection is a blessing in disguise for individuals whose TV does not support Bluetooth. When using this device's "three equalizer mode audio speaker" you have three different modes to choose from, each one of which is designed for a specific type of audio. The three different modes include game, music, and movie. Whenever you change the mode, the soundbar adjusts all of its different audio settings. You can control these different modes via the small remote control.

• Pocket friendly
• Three different audio modes
• Easy to install

• Nothing that I could find.



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