Top 10 Best Roll Up Pianos for 2022 Reviews


Roll up pianos have a design that allows players to have access to a piano while they are away from a traditional piano. They also provide a means of relaxation and an enjoyable way to learn. As implied by the name, the keyboard of a roll up piano can be rolled up, conveniently placed in a bag and transported wherever your journey takes you. When it comes to these musical instruments, space is never an issue. Below are the top Roll Up Pianos of 2020:

1. Lujex Foldable 61 Keys Flexible Soft Electric Digital Roll Up Keyboard Piano

Lujex Foldable 61 Keys Flexible Soft Electric Digital Roll Up Keyboard Piano

This small digital keyboard is cost effective, highly portable and can also be easily rolled up and carried around in a bag. It is best suited to students, pre-elementary children, and other categories of piano practitioners.

It has a fully-functional rubber keyboard and the steel grey and champagne console makes it lots of fun for every member of the family. Additionally, harmless and environmentally-friendly, top-quality food-grade silicone keyboard, more healthy environment.


The features include:

• This 61-key digital piano is designed to create 128 exceptional tones. It is also equipped with 40 demos, 100 rhythms and the most up-to-date MIDI chips technology.

• Its multiple interface functions allow it to be connected to a computer for editing purposes. Additionally, it can take on the role of a power bank in emergency cases. It has a rich interface and includes an MP3 player, external power source, headphone port and an USB external speaker port.

• It comes with a worry-free 1-year warranty and access to support from friendly customer service professionals.

Pros and Cons


• Clear speaker
• Different options and sounds
• High-quality product
• Durable yet soft buttons


• It is incapable of playing complicated chord as it only simultaneously supports three keys.
• Does not reproduce the feel of playing an actual piano

2. Lujex 88-Keys Roll Up Piano

Lujex 88-Keys Roll Up Piano

​This 88-keys piano from Lujex is a remarkable entry-level instrument suitable for both adult beginners and kids. It is powered by a built-in 1100 milli-Ampere-hours (mAh) polymer lithium battery, which is rechargeable. It comes with a charger; however, if you cannot access an electrical outlet, your power bank will be able to get the recharging job done.


• This key board comes with a built-in speaker that has an adequately loud volume. For those days when it becomes necessary to practice quietly, there is a jack that is built in for your headphones.

• This keyboard can work with an MP3 player as well; either as a speaker or for some playback music.

• The keys are slightly raised and this lends a bit more of a realistic feel to the 88 keys.

• It has a sustain foot pedal and a USB/MIDI output that enables you to connect to a computer.

Pros & Cons


• Raised keys
• USB/MIDI port
• Rechargeable battery
• SD port


• A bit pricey

3. 37 Roll Up Piano for Kids IWORD

37 Roll Up Piano for Kids IWORD

This piano is nicely packed to prevent damage during the shipping process. It is rainbow colored and has 37 keys. It does take much effort to fold it up for storage or transporting, thanks to its roll up feature, and this also makes it highly portable.


• It has adequate music storage, contains 6 demo songs and 8 tones and 37 standard keys.

• The built-in speaker allows for volume control for the perfect effect when playing out loud. The earphone Jack allows you to play your secret music or practice without being a disturbance to others.

• This instrument is powered by 4 AA batteries and has an AAA+ energy saving design. This means the keyboard can be played for 12 hours before needing the batteries replaced. The package includes a USB cable that can be used to connect to a desktop or laptop computer to play the piano.

• All the keys are in a single tone in the 1K1N mode, which is a special teaching function. In this mode, simply follow the rhythm and play pleasant-sounding music. This mode ensures children can "create lovely music" even when they inadvertently play.

Pros & Cons


• Energy efficient
• Extended playing time
• Impressive sound quality


• It is more fitting for beginners
• It cannot handle complicated chord and only supports 3 keys at a time

4. S88 Portable 88 Keys Roll Up

S88 Portable 88 Keys Roll Up

The S88 is made from a flexible and soft silicone material which results in soft keys. This makes it easier for your fingers to glide across the keys while playing. This piano is quite easy to use, with no trace of complications. This makes it easier for people to learn, particularly children. Over a short period, they would have navigated around the piano and be playing away happily.


• The black keys are raised a little above the white ones, similar to traditional pianos.

• There is an LED digital display designed to make the keyboard easier for players to interact with.

• It has a USB/MIDI output with a rechargeable battery and a built-in speaker.

• It also supports a sustain pedal.

Pros and Cons


• Easy to use
• Nice sound
• It has a rechargeable battery and can be connected to an external power source.
• Built-in headphone and speaker jack
• Lots of tones and demos


• The hard rubber makes it more difficult to slide the fingers across
• It's a bit pricey

5. Flexzion Portable Roll Up Piano

Flexzion Portable Roll Up Piano

This high-quality, portable piano features impressive MiDi interface to use when connected to a laptop or desktop computer. It also has the majority of the features that are on the electronic keyboard. This instrument is ideal for traveling musicians, including beginners, who want to continue practicing while traveling.

It typically works best on a hard, flat surface, as opposed to the carpet or other soft surfaces. It can be easily rolled up and carried wherever you want without any type of difficulties. It will can fit nicely into a carrying case or another bag.


• It is designed to support sustain and vibrato functionality, sustain pedal and USB. The reliability and quality of the instrument is enhanced by certain features like the programmable design and recording and playback functionality.

• The Flexzion has a built-in speaker that allows you to play loudly without the need for backup from external speakers. Its headphone jack provides a remarkable means of playing in secret, without being a nuisance to those around you.

• It is compatible with MAC and Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 and XP. It also provides support for hot plug and drive-free.

Pros & Cons


• There are 128 tones and 45 demo songs to play with
• It keeps musically-inclined children and adult beginners entertained


• Produces double notes at times
• Keys are sometimes a bit delayed

6. HONEY JOY Foldable Piano

HONEY JOY Foldable Piano

This foldable piano makes a remarkable gift for children, adolescents, adults, family members and friends. Starting your musicianship or that of your child on this 88 key electronic piano keyboard would make for a fun experience. It is best suited for common music practice and home entertainment, which will make the experience close to playing a real piano.

The keyboard is lightweight and thin in appearance, making it beautifully concise and very portable. It can be easily rolled up and placed inside its pouch for easy travel or storage.


• This keyboard has 128 tone varieties, 128 rhythm types and 15 demo songs
• The anti-bacterial silicone rubber is harmless, tasteless and non-toxic
• It features single/finger chord functions, synchronization, programming, recording and playback functions. Additionally, it supports MP3 player and has bluetooth function.

Pros & Cons


• It has remarkable sounds
• The slightly raised keys make for a more authentic playing experience
• It can play simple triads


• Plays double notes sometimes

7. Rock And Roll It – Studio Piano

Rock And Roll It - Studio Piano

This roll up piano has multiple keyboard tones, 61 standard-sized keys, a record and playback feature and demo songs. It is powered by a lithium battery and is compatible with MIDI to enable recording the music into your computer. It enables playing without needing the space of a keyboard or large piano.


• It has features like tempo control key, 128 rhythms, 128 keyboard tones, 45 demo songs, drum sound function, loop recording, record and playback, vibrato/sustain, power saving function and built-in speaker with volume control.

• It is conveniently powered by the included USB cord or the included rechargeable battery.

Pros and Cons


• Produces realistic sounds
• Tempo control
• Drum sound function


• Plays double notes

8. S61 High Quality Portable 61 Keys

S61 High Quality Portable 61 Keys

The S61 portable piano has a modern console and everything looks clean and in its place. It has a small LCD display, with relevant buttons that help in controlling and adjusting different keyboard functions. Made from congealed silicone, it feels remarkable on the fingers. The keyboard is sturdy, solid and durable.

• Keyboard is made from highly durable rubber and is water resistant. This allows for easy maintenance.
• Uncomplicated console with a loud and clean speaker.

Pros and Cons


• Easy to use
• Clean and contemporary console design
• Nice sound
• Very slim console
• Lots of tones and demos


• The hard rubber makes it more difficult to slide the fingers across

9. Roll-up Electric Piano AS Seen On TV

Roll-up Electric Piano AS Seen On TV

This piano delivers remarkable music quality. It is portable and ideal for learning and entertaining loved ones.


• It has 99 rhythms, 16 instrument sounds, 10 demo songs and provides flexibility to make your own songs.

• It has a built-in speaker, headphone output and volume control.

Pros and Cons


• Good quality
• Realistic instrument sounds


• It does not record

10. Andoer Portable 88 Keys Silicone

Andoer Portable 88 Keys Silicone

With its 88 keys, the Andoer 88 Key Electronic Keyboard is equipped with an impressive midi interface. This makes it a reliable roll up piano for a beginner. It is great for kids and quite useful for travelling pianists.


• This piano has 23 demo songs and 100 varieties of rhythm. Additionally, it has 128 tone varieties so you can create customized play patterns and perfect your playing style. It has a 12-stage volume adjustment designed to provide complete control over the volume of what's being played.

• It has a build-in loudspeaker that provides the freedom to comfortably project to a bigger audience. Additionally, the earphone jack gives you the option of playing silently without disturbing people close by.

• There is the option of adding external speakers to further amplify your playing style. There are LED light display that allows you to view your customizable settings and selections. Rolling this piano up for storage and travel is quite easy.

• A big benefit of this product is that the keyboard and case are quite durable and cannot be easily damaged.

Pros and Cons


• It has 88 keys
• Sturdy case
• Durable console and keyboard


• The console design leaves a lot to be desired

Roll Up Piano Selection Tips

When it comes to selecting a roll up piano, the price is not the only factor to consider, Instead, you should pay attention to the unit’s sensitivity, pitch, the range of demo songs and tone. The best roll up provides a good price to quality ratio.

It can be difficult to form an opinion on each product; hence, the need to conduct thorough research before making the final decision. It is important to choose according to your specific needs and budget. A good roll up provides decent sensitivity to electronic and mechanical actions.

Pitch, on the other hand, is an important indicator of quality. The tone should be impressive and characterized by deep bass and brighter treble. Roll up instruments typically have at least six analog sound percussion and automatic tuning features.

A fundamental characteristic of every musical instrument is sound, which is evaluated according to two parameters: volume and timbre. Volume means the intensity of the sound that is produced by the strings and the cladding of the hammers. The timbre, on the other hand, constitutes the performance of the piano.

The best piano brands always manage to find the right balance between these two parameters. Before making a choice, always remember to try the device. This allows you to evaluate the sound quality and if you do not understand it personally bring someone who can give you some advice.

If you are convinced that you want to learn how to play the piano but keen on a model that does not require tuning and maintenance, the roll up piano is for you. The sound of this electronic instrument depends on the samples stored in the internal memory; the greater the memory, the greater the number of memorized sounds. Consequently, it will be able to reproduce the various compositions of the acoustic piano.

Selecting a Roll Up Piano: Keyboard

What are the main elements to consider when choosing this instrument? The keyboard is definitely an important aspect. The number of keys in a roll up instrument varies from 32 to 88.

Experts recommend that you choose an instrument with at least 61 keys, but you get the optimal performance conditions with 88 keys. In fact, in these cases, the available eighths increase as well as the capabilities. The sound is more articulate and expressive.

What are the features and accessories that should not be missing?

If you want to learn how to play the piano you have to think only of the main sound, without adding effects and other frills. In this case, it becomes useless to choose a piano with too many features, thus risk getting confused. For this reason, it is better to choose an instrument with a few but useful functions.

For example, you can not miss the following elements that can be integrated or not on the piano:

– Metronome (can also be purchased separately)
– At least two outputs for headphones (one for the player, one for the teacher)
– Good acoustics even when playing without headphones

These are the three basic features and you need the accessories. If you have never played this instrument you will need a comfortable stool and a piano table. The keyboards are often integrated with the foldable unit.

This is the basic information that can help you choose your ideal tool.

Types of Foldable Pianos

Roll up instruments come in one basic variant that provides equal parts flexibility, decent performance and sensitivity.

Top Roll Up Piano Brands

Some of the top foldable piano brands include Schubert, Ulkeme, Andoer, Funkey, and Loftek. Andoer offers units with impressive features, including 37 and 88 keys, hundreds of rhythms, digital screens, multiple tones, dozens of demo songs and automatic tonal modification. This makes it easier to compose good music even when on the go.

The S88 foldable piano is one of the best options available on the market. It comes with 88 touch-responsive keys, integrated speakers, more than 100 rhythms, 80 demo songs and over 120 tones. It is available for $109.99 on Amazon.

The Schubert Piano has a 61-key soft keyboard with stereo recording function and carrying bag, It also boasts 30 pre-installed demo songs, 129 rhythms and runs on batteries or mains.

The Schubert roll-up impresses with its 61 keys and it is ready to play at a very low price. Use is intuitive and easy. It allows both young children and adults to enjoy a fun musical experience. The piano has a range of pre-installed instrument sounds and samples as well as a choice of more than 100 rhythmic sequences.

Beginners can have fun with three progressive learning programs and 30 demo-songs. The recording function allows you to save melodies played on the keyboard for later use. The headphone jack can connect the Schubert to a mixer, a computer or on an amplifier to participate in both sessions in the studio or on the stage. The keyboard also features a sustain pedal input that allows you to support the notes as on a real piano.

Average Roll Up Piano Pricing

You can expect to find quality foldable pianos for prices ranging between $40 and $200.

Common Questions

What is a Roll Up Piano?

Have you always wanted to buy a piano but your house is too small? You do not have to give it up: you can satisfy your desire for music with a roll up unit. This tool is a good compromise and offers many advantages. It is smaller and more compact than the traditional variants. Many models include only the keyboard and can be easily transported inside special covers.

Moreover, this instrument can be connected to electronic devices or headphones and does not require considerable maintenance. But the most important thing is that these qualities do not affect the sound, which is still very similar to the traditional units. They are clear and powerful.

In short, these pianos are a good choice for those who want to use the instrument during a tour or to train at home. There are so many models on the market so it can be difficult to identify the most suitable one.

A roll up unit is a highly portable piano that provides a convenient way to travel with your instrument. The piano is one of the musical instruments that everyone would like to learn to play for the sweetness of the sounds and the exciting atmosphere that it can create. The foldable version has a range of features ideal for beginners, including demo sounds and different types of tones. On the market, there are various types of piano that differ in terms of timbre, sound volume, models, cost and brand.

What is the best roll up piano keyboard?

A good keyboard provides a sensation similar to that experienced when playing a traditional piano. In these cases, the finger must press the button with a force that moves the hammer, which will then vibrate the string. In the digital version this dynamic is not present; however, the manufacturers have committed themselves to make keyboards that simulate the best feeling of pressing on the traditional keys.

To do this, they use plastic keys and have a series of weights that regulate the weight of the key. Surely the most resistant and economical are the plastic keys regulated by a spring but the more traditionalists can choose the wooden keyboards (with weighed key). In these variants, the keys are mounted with a series of hammers aimed at producing the feeling of playing an acoustic keyboard.

A semi-weighted plastic key solution can also work well. Evaluate the best keyboard according to your needs. A beginner must learn the basic chords, strengthen the coordination and improve the technique, so a piano with 88 semi-weighted keys will suffice.

What is the top roll up piano for kids?

Lujex foldable unit is a good option for kids. It comes with multiple interface functions and MIDI chips. On the market, there are several piano models suitable for children, beginners and professionals. Each of them has different characteristics and costs. Before starting the piano research you have to ask yourself some questions. How much space do you have at your disposal in the environment where you have to fix it? How much budget do you have at your disposal?

The piano is an instrument that once purchased will last a lifetime so you need to be sure before making the investment. The first thing to ask is why you want to buy it. If one of your children intends to learn playing the piano, the advice is to buy the foldable unit that has many tones, demo songs and rhythms.

How much does a roll up piano cost?

Roll up instruments pianos are much more useful than they may seem at first. You can buy the units for between $40 and $200. There are many benefits of a foldable instrument. Buying a roll up online is one of the best alternatives available to buyers. Choosing the exact model that you like or the one you noticed some time ago can be much simpler than you expect.

If you are a beginner, you can opt for a cheaper model before buying a more expensive unit.



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