Top 10 Best Record Player Stands for 2022 Reviews


If you own a record player, you need somewhere special to keep it. It needs an adequate and safe condition. A record player stand is an ideal way to go. Organizing your sweet collection creates an amazing feeling. It represents your style and true love for vinyl.

You’ll be choosing something unique, stylish, affordable, and most important, meet your purposes. But there is a major issue. A random search reveals over a hundred options, and the selection journey will be arduous. So, which player stand is worth and perfect for you?
Determining the best option might take days, if not months. This review on the top record player stands for 2020 has everything you need to know to make the right decision. Let’s dive in now.

1. Crosley Furniture Record Player Stand

Crosley Furniture Record Player Stand

You'll love the simplicity of this stand. The first impression you get is its modern design yet minimalistic look. The full door and classic design make it very convenient, and you'll love it. It is different from other stands that seem fluffy. It weighs 45.2 pounds, and the dimensions are 20.9 x 16.7 x 33.9 inches.

Space is one major feature that makes it a special stand. You'll comfortably store your many records. We're talking about 70 albums and beyond. If you've been collecting the albums for years, this spacious stand with wire record slots on the inside will serve you well.

Every time you start the search process, the focus on aesthetics and quality. This Crosley Furniture stand is quality and durable. It is made of strong metal and mahogany. Not forgetting its beautiful look. You need to position it in a strategic place.

• Spacious top to accommodate the record players
• The wire dividers allow for easy organization
• It conveniently holds 75 albums at a stretch
• Stylish and suitable for any floor without causing damage

• Slightly heavy when you compare with other stands

2. Novogratz Turntable Stand

Novogratz Turntable Stand

Novogratz stand is mid-century inspired recognized for its elegant design. It is simple, and the touch is very classic. If you value classic items, you'll never go wrong with this brown stand. Its MDF and particleboard have lamination boost the stand aesthetics. It attracts you on the first eye contact.

There is enough space to place the record player. The interior of this product has one open space and four open cubbies at the bottom. The spaces allow you to keep your albums organized. Due to the sectioning, support is enhanced, making it very compact.

You'll love the quality. It is strongly built, allowing you to use it for years. The manufacturer has also used the woodgrain for lamination, which is an excellent material. The stand can support up to 30lbs, and it measures 34.1" H x 20.7" W x 18" D.

• It is very light -- weighs 38 pounds
• It is wide and spacious
• Elegant and classic look
• Strong with hairpin legs for a supportive base

• Not fully assembled -- it requires two people to assemble

3. Victrola Wooden Stand with Record Holder Shelf

Victrola Wooden Stand with Record Holder Shelf

Victrola is known for its quality products and excellent designs of musical accessories. The white Victrola wooden stand being their product is not an exception. It has a special design with everything you'll need in a record player stand.

The stand color matches well with your house because it complements most of your items. It is a companion for every Victrola wooden music center. Upon purchase, the convenient stand allows you to store 50 vinyl records and more.

The product has real wood. With that, you are sure of acquiring a product with strong materials. It is reliable and will serve you for long. You'll love the fact that it is sturdy, and your record player will be safe.

• It will take very minimal space in your room
• Comfortable and sturdy on any floor
• Fit for any record player
• Convenient to move around and clean
• Easy to assemble

• Limited partitions -- more would be better for compatibility

4. Pangea Audio Turntable Stand

Pangea Audio Turntable Stand

Pangea Audio focus on art and design is incredible. You'll notice that it has some difference, and it is not just any other typical stand out there. It is a decorative piece of furniture that's well-built to your taste. It has good finishing and very scratch-resistant.

It has 19mm top platform space place the record player, and more shelf space to accommodate all your records. You can comfortably fit up to 100 records. Its shelves are strong to support the weight.

If you intend to invest in a long term product, then this is the best item for you. The top platform is heavy-duty. The entire stand is very strong, and the frames consist of steel. Not forgetting the premium thickness shelves. It gives you the value for your money.

• Easy and fast to assemble
• Very strong and secure
• Cone type feet that assure no scratches on tile and wood floor
• Excellent finishing and design

• Two shelves only in the basic unit

5. Novogratz Concord Turntable Stand White

Novogratz Concord Turntable Stand White

There is something about this record player stand. It is not much glamorous or complicated, but its simple design allows you to put the record player at the top, maybe the amplifier of choice underneath and your multiple vinyl albums.

There is a lot of space in this product. Have a look at the top and the four compartments. You'll appreciate the effort the company has made in ensuring it fits your record player, an amp, and albums.

It is not made of wood but MDF and chipboard or rather particleboard. That tells you it is mid-century inspired. The legs have black metal hairpins, which means the stand is firm, stable, and secure on the floor.

• A very attractive price
• Excellent vintage look
• Nicely furnished
• The sectioning ensure there is compatibility

• Require cable management - if you have to use with an amp

6. Novogratz Concord Walnut Turntable Stand

Novogratz Concord Walnut Turntable Stand

Novogratz record player stands look classy. The stand dimensions are 31.8" H x 39.7" W x 18" D and 72 pounds weight. The wood polish is excellent, and you can evidence this by feeling the surface. It will not just help you keep the record player, but it is also an excellent addition to your house. It easily complements your interior themes.

It is made of laminated particleboard and MDF chassis. You'll be buying a strong product. With the two drawers and two compartments, you have enough space for speakers, stereos, and albums.

Drawers are very flexible. Here, you protect your records from direct contact with kids, sun, and dust. An advantage here is that the two compartments have the wired sections, and it makes the components stored compact and look organized.

• The stand holds up to 60lbs
• It is very spacious
• Additional drawers make it an excellent stand
• Guaranteed support

• Assembling require assistance

7. Novogratz Turntable Stand with Drawers

Novogratz Turntable Stand with Drawers

The white Novogratz Concord stand looks super cool. If you are looking beyond the record player placement stand, then this is what you need to add to your list. The top space is enough to place the record player and add a few items that showcase your style.

There are two drawers on this stand for extra storage. The bottom section has two open cubbies. The metal dividers in the cubbies ensure your albums stay upright and organized. The entire space is enough for storing a large collection.

The stand has quality materials. Besides, those hairpin legs give strong support making it possible to hold around 60lbs. If you want an excellent addition, then this will not let you.

• It's strong and sturdy
• Enough space for a large collection
• Excellent design
• Two drawers for extra storage

• Two people are recommended for assembly

8. MyGift 2-Tier Metal Table Stand

MyGift 2-Tier Metal Table Stand

The product from MyGift Company is all that you need if you're looking for a record player stand that adds as a decor to your house. It is stylish, and you'll love how it complements your space. The two-tier entertainment center stand will look excellent in any place you keep it.

It features an upper tier with a lattice style. The upper dimensions are 26 by 10.75 inches. Strong enough for a record player, speakers, and any other heavy stuff. The lower tier has 16 slots. The slots allow you to store the records with ease.

This stand is very stable and light. It is constructed with quality metals, giving it the durability you need. The powder coat finishing and layout are excellent.

• Two tiers that support the record player and additional items
• Extremely lightweight - weighs 5.86 pounds
• 16 slots allow for easy organization and compactness
• Sturdy and quality finishing

• Slightly short

9. Victrola Bluetooth Record Player Stand

Victrola Bluetooth Record Player Stand

If you're a tech enthusiast and you want a stand that serves you fully, then this is the option you need to be eyeing. This record player stand has excellent height and features that you'll love. Unlike other stands where you have different connections outside, this product is all-inclusive.

It has a three-speed turntable, radio, Bluetooth, USB player, and a recorder. The upper space allows you to place your vinyl directly. The recording is direct via the USD. It has high-quality stereo speakers and RCA output.

It measures 19.1 x 13 x 17.7 inches and weighs 18 pounds. The floor-standing stand is perfect for vinyl lovers. Though it has a mid-century look, the technology applied is worth the work. You'll enjoy having it on board.

• It weighs only 18 pounds
• It's very comprehensive - It has USB, Bluetooth, and radio, among others
• Very stable
• The feet have rubber to avoid scratching the floor

• You'll need additional space to store the albums

10. Darla Studio 66 Turntable Stand

Darla Studio 66 Turntable Stand

Darla' Studio 66 is widely known for its distinct features. The making of this unique stand is personalized, with every part being hand made. The stand defines true craftsmanship. A lot of attention is dedicated during its making. If you value elegance and simplicity, then you need to purchase this stand.

It resembles a crate that has spaced slats. This design is an advantage because it allows the free flow of air, makes cleaning easy, and at the same time, cords can easily pass through. The upper shelf is adequate for your record player, while the bottom part accommodates a large collection. It can hold over 120 vinyl records comfortably.

Buying this product brings an antique look in your space. It is also very stable. Being American made, you do not doubt that the premium wood stand will serve you for years.

• Solid and strong shelves
• Allows for easy organization of albums and records
• Elegant and perfect
• Very spacious
• Quality and long-lasting

• Some feel that craftsmanship can be enhanced further

Record Player Stand Selection Tips

1. Ensure enough storage space for various items.

A record player stand will need to house a lot of things including a turntable, an amplifier, a headphone, a speaker, and several LPs. There should be enough shelf space for all of these to fit. Otherwise, you will need another piece of furniture to get everything that you need in one place. Consider the number of records that you wish to have on standby all the time. You probably have a large collection so just pick your current favorites to avoid overcrowding. Some stands can accommodate 100 pieces or even more. Look up the load capacity as well. It should be able to handle the weight of everything you plan to store without bending or buckling.

2. Check the quality of the materials for longevity.

The ideal material for these stands is solid wood. If you can find hardwood record player stands, then you should not hesitate to pay top dollar for such a high quality product. Some are made from oak, pine, poplar, and so on. However, the reality is that most options will be using manufactured wood to reduce cost and shipping weight. If you don’t mind this, then just look for ones with thick layers and high quality MDFs or equivalents. Make sure that the build quality is good so you won’t have to worry about longevity.

3. Consider airflow and wiring.

It’s nice to spend lazy afternoons listening to music. You can go on and on for hours as you walk through memory lane with your favorite songs. However, you should think of your player and how it is holding up. Record players, speakers, and other devices can get hot when used for a long time. You can minimize heat build-up by selecting a record player stand with excellent ventilation on all sides. Openings will allow passive cooling to work its magic so you don’t have to use fans or other cooling solutions. You should also consider cable management since the wires can get cluttered at the back. Some units have built-in holes and channels for this so you won’t have to create them yourself.

4. Match your room’s interiors.

Look around the room where you are planning to place this stand. What does it look like? What are the dominant colors? What is the prevailing style of the interiors? It would be good to find a stand that matches the current setup so that it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. If you have modern interiors, then look for a stand with neutral colors and clean lines. If you have a traditional home, then go for options with natural wood grains and some flair. You could even go for a retro or shabby chic look if that’s what you’re after.

5. Read comments on ease of assembly.

Some furniture pieces these days come in a flat pack with buyers having to assemble the pieces together. There are lots of people who will assemble them for a fee if you don’t like this chore but be prepared for the additional charge. If you prefer doing things yourself, then it is best to check whether the unit has clear instructions or not. Some will come with nothing but illustrations and confusing instructions. These can take many precious hours to figure out. You don’t have to waste your time this way. Get items that come pre-assembled or are easy to put together.

6. Get a specialty stand for best results.

If you think about it, almost any type of stand or shelf with the right height can act as your holder for the record player. You may already have existing furniture that fits this description. You can simply repurpose them and clear them out. However, this strategy is likely to leave much to be desired. Generic storage pieces will probably be lacking in ventilation and cable management. They might not even have the right width and height to accommodate your stacks of records. It would be better to get a specially designed record player stand if you want optimum results.

7. Look for adjustable shelves.

There are stands that come with fixed designs and others that allow their users to adjust key features according to their needs. The latter can be extremely useful if you have a specific usage in mind. Even if the shelf was not built to hold records, the shelf heights can be changed to accommodate your preferred vinyl. It might also be possible to adjust the height to make it more comfortable to use the record player. An alternative would be to order customized stands with storage spaces with the exact dimensions that you need.

Types of Stands for Record Players

1. Audio Towers

These are units that have been built for music lovers. There are enough layers to add several types of players whether you like to listen to vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, tape, and so forth. You can even insert a good sized amplifier and speaker system. Fill the rest with your favorite albums.

2. Turntable Stands

These stands are specifically built to provide record enthusiasts with a dedicated compartment for their turntable and LPs. They generally have small footprints as the surface is just enough to hold a player while the bottom shelves can house about 100 records or so. Their designs can differ a lot but every dimension is optimized for the anticipated contents. You will not have to make any adjustments as everything has been finely tuned for the purpose.

3. Modular Storage Systems

Some people don’t bother to use specialty stands. Instead, they just look for modular storage systems and design their own music archive using these small containers. They can be stacked as high as the user needs to be to make record playing a breeze. There can take up as much floor space as is available. When your needs change, you can just add or subtract as necessary. The flexibility is invaluable for many.

4. Simple Shelves

Some people are happy using simple shelves built for generic storage such as holding books or shoes. These can just as quickly and effectively hold records anyway. Their tops can definitely support the weight of a regular record player with ease. These will need to be adjusted in terms of wiring and possibly shelf size but these should be minor inconveniences that only happen at the start. Once you finish the setup, things will work without problems indefinitely.

5. DIY Stands

A few people will not be satisfied with what they see on the market. Rather than get a stand that ticks some boxes but not others, they would rather create on their own or have a specialty shop customize one for them. This could be the cheapest or the most expensive option, depending on how you want the final product to look like. Anything goes in terms of features. You can fit everything you need even in a small room.

Top Record Player Stand Brands

If you want to buy a record player stand, then err on the side of caution and get one from a top brand. This will give you the confidence in the quality and durability of the product. It might be more expensive but you will be able to enjoy stress-free ownership for longer. Among the names to watch out for as Line Phono, Bush Furniture, Novogratz, and Nexera. Any of these will be good options for your purchase.

Average Record Player Stand Pricing

You should be able to purchase a stand across wide range of budgets. Most are actually under $100, specially the small ones. You will get a basic stand with an open shelf for LPs and a plain top for a player. If you are willing to bump it up to $200, then you can get wider models that may have drawers and other additional storage facilities for accessories. There are also pieces above $200 with all the bells and whistles that you might want in a product like this. These are meant for the true record lovers.


How do you display a record player?

Most record players have a protective top that you have to lift up when you want to use them. This means you can place the unit on any top surface without worries about dust, dirt, or spills. It is best to keep a few samples of your favorite albums near so you can play them whenever you want to.

What are the dimensions of a record player?

The actual dimensions differ between products but most players will be about 16 inches by 14 inches. The thickness will be between 4 and 6 inches. They weigh around 6 pounds.

How do you hang vinyl records on the wall?

You can choose from several methods. Some put double-sided tape on the wall to make the records stick. Others try to save the cover and clip the records onto wires. You could even place the covers inside a square picture frame or use wall mounts for vinyls.

How do you make a record stand?

If you want to make a record stand, then plan the design and measure the right dimensions. Use 2x2s for the frame and plywood for the sides. Make sure that the support is enough to prevent bending at the middle when the stand is full. Use enough layers to hold everything you need to store.



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