Top 10 Best Record Crates & Boxes for 2022 Reviews


The top record crates for storing your vinyl keep your carefully curated collection of music safe. Carrying or transporting a stack of loose albums is always risky on several levels, and having a special box or crate makes it easier to store, transport and organize your albums. A box made of sturdy materials will keep your albums safe for decades, and the top choices offer both aesthetic and functional value for your money. Plastic milk crates make a fashion statement as well – shabby chic – but as you grow older, your tastes change. The following reviews of the top 10 record crates include:

1. Crosley AC1004A-NA Record Storage Crate

Crosley AC1004A-NA Record Storage Crate

The Crosley AC1004A-NA receives 4.4 out of 5 stars from Amazon reviews, and the box looks like a vintage piece of furniture with a finish that resembles fine birch. The crate weighs only 5.9 pounds, so it doesn't add a lot of weight to your albums when you move them often. You can store up to 70 albums in the container, but that depends on how many double albums you have.

The Crosley name is well known to vinyl enthusiasts because the company markets some great products. Branding your collection with the Crosley name and its fire-branded logo demonstrates your commitment to vinyl collecting, and the simple, elegant design of the box matches any decor.

The pros and cons of the Crosley Storage Crate include:


• Inexpensive
• Easy to assemble
• Beautiful decorative finish with the Crosley Logo
• Carry handles for easy transport
• Natural finish for a clean, Scandanavian look


• Wood that's relatively thin balsa
• Pre-drilled holes for securing crate that appear in advertising but not the product
• Assembly required

2. Darla Studio 66 Vinyl Record Holder Wood Box

Darla Studio 66 Vinyl Record Holder Wood Box

The Darla'Studio 66 Vinyl Record Holder holds between 40 and 75 albums, and the crate has a unique benefit - you can store your records facing out, instead of up. The box is exceptionally sturdy so that you can position it on its side. The box has a rustic look, and it's practical because you can stack the boxes easily if storage space in your home is at a premium.

You can coordinate your collection with Darla'Studio 66 storage products because the company crafts boxes in three sizes and makes a container for storing 45s. This is the perfect storage solution for people who are fond of Ikea and rustic charm. Each crate has a unique appearance, but the overall effect of using multiple boxes for record storage bewitches with unique individual styles but a coordinated overall theme.

The pros and cons of Darla'Studio 66 handcrafted crates include:


• Affordable
• Comes fully assembled
• Locally made and handcrafted
• Constructed of real woods
• Stained by hand for a rustic appearance
• Easy to stack
• Stands up to rough handling


• Durability that can mislead you into handling fragile vinyl records roughly
• Staples that aren't as durable as penny nails, which can reinforce the crate
• No dunnage in packing materials

3. Binder Way Vinyl Record Storage Crate

Binder Way Vinyl Record Storage Crate

The Binder Way Vinyl Record Storage Crate makes a lot of sense for storing vinyl records. The crate matches other desktop organization products for those who want a clean, matching look. The organizer can be used in many ways at home or in the office where a professional look is an overriding concern. The crate holds up to 50 albums, and the black finish mirrors the look of vinyl albums. You can stack the crates up to three units high, but it's not recommended to stack them higher.

The durable polypropylene construction resists moisture, spills, fading and chipping. The crates can also serve as organizers of office materials and other Binder Way products, such as scrapbooks, recipe books and binders. The four separate sections of each crate won't move when you insert or remove an album from one of the other sections. You can use the Binder Way crates to keep everything in your home or office neatly organized and readily accessible.

The pros and cons of the Vinyl Record Storage crate include:


• One of the least expensive storage options
• Four dividers for each crate to separate albums by genre, release date, etc.
• Stackable and easy to store on a bookshelf
• Made of durable and recyclable polypropylene
• Slide-and-click components that make assembly easy
• Instructions on the back of every crate
• Assembly video included


• Assembly required
• Aren't as resistant to impacts as solid wood
• No buffering agents to counteract environmental acidity

4. Atlantic Record Crate Shelf

Atlantic Record Crate Shelf

The Atlantic Record Crate Shelf is a freestanding crate that keeps your valuable albums off the floor and other surfaces where they're subject to spills, flooding and other environmental risks. The self-contained crate shelf is made from durable carbon fiber, but the finish is designed to look like natural wood.

This aesthetically appealing storage solution is made in the United States by Atlantic, Inc., which has an excellent reputation for providing superior customer service. As one of the world's largest manufacturers of organizational products, the company has solutions for multiple storage and organizing needs for people who want to coordinate their homes with matching storage solutions.

The pros and cons of the Atlantic Record Crate Shelf include:


• Two built-in carrying handles
• Stickers included for labeling
• Showcases your vinyl collection in an appealing, aesthetic way
• Stackable
• Customizable
• Top-quality storage crates that provide superior design


• Need to tilt the crate when moving it to prevent records from sliding out
• Need to zip-tie handles when stacking for greater stability
• Fairly expensive

5. Atlantic 96636247 Record Crate Shelf

Atlantic 96636247 Record Crate Shelf

This model of the Atlantic Record Crate Shelf is suitable for people who want a bargain-priced storage solution for their vinyl albums. These shelf crates also keep your albums off the floor with a freestanding shelf, but they're priced at about 25% of the cost of the deluxe version that was reviewed as item #4. The crate is easy to move, transport and carry the crates from room to room with the built-in handles.

You can stop worrying about keeping your cherished albums safe from damage caused by haphazard storage - no matter how extensive your collection of vinyl might be. Priced low enough to make them affordable for anyone, it's easy to buy enough of these crates to store and organize all your albums.

The pros and cons of the Atlantic 96636247 Record Crate Shelf


• Highly affordable
• Customizable
• Safely stackable up to two crates high
• A raised shelf that keeps albums safe from water intrusion
• Durable composite construction that resists water, chemicals and impacts


• No pre-applied decals for organizing your albums
• Pressboard construction for lower cost, but the job is well done

6. Sterilite Plastic Storage Box

Sterilite Plastic Storage Box

The Sterilite Plastic Storage Crate resembles the milk crates mentioned earlier, but some people find the design perfect for shabby chic. These crates are among the lowest priced storage containers available, and they serve multiple storage purposes other than storing your vinyl securely. You can use these containers for many purposes because they're durable, stackable, affordable and versatile.

Even those who prefer to use milk containers to store their albums face a big problem. Companies don't give away their containers for free. You can buy your own Sterilite containers and avoid the moral and legal risks of appropriating containers from local merchants and questionable sources at flea markets, yard sales, etc.

The pros and cons of the Sterilite Plastic Storage Crate include:


• Affordable solution for bargain hunters
• Durable plastic resists corrosion
• Usable for multiple household chores and organizational purposes
• Wide selection of matching storage solutions
• Made in the United States


• Non-collapsible
• Iffy whether all your albums will fit
• Design that looks like milk crates

7. Retround Wooden Crate for Vinyl Record Storage

Retround Wooden Crate for Vinyl Record Storage

The Retround Wooden Crate for Vinyl Record Storage is an affordable and versatile container with an appealing, rustic design that appears as a typical packing crate with a vintage style and burlywood color. These containers match almost any decorating style, and they keep your records organized and safe from the risks of inefficient storage. The crates come unfinished so that you can paint, stain or decorate them as creatively as you wish. You can even color-code the crates for different musical genres or albums of different family members.

These crates can serve many storage purposes, and they make a perfect choice for creative design ideas, such as garden planters, wedding decor and storage of scrapbooks and photo albums. The crates stack easily to fit in tight storage spaces, and you can stack your albums in descending order, based on play frequency. The crates are 100% guaranteed by Retround,and the company has an excellent online reputation for its customer service.


• Elegant style
• Customizable with paint, stain, stickers, etc.
• Affordable solution for record storage
• Stackable several units high for saving space
• Durable but lightweight construction
• Multipurpose design


• Assembly required
• Not recommended for long moves without packing materials for protection

8. Darla Studio 66 45 RPM Vinyl Record Storage Wood Crate

Darla Studio 66 45 RPM Vinyl Record Storage Wood Crate

The Darla'Studio 66 45 RPM Vinyl Record Storage Wood Crate is handcrafted, stained with a medium finish and reminiscent of distressed decor in a rustic cabin. If you're a fan of furnishings that have an aged, organic look, this is the ideal storage solution for your 45 RPM records. The crate is made of natural wood, and it might appear round around the edges, but that's the point of rustic design. It's also fittingly appropriate for storing 45s, which are 7-inch records that include some of the oldest recordings of music ever made.

The crate is manufactured in the United States by hand, and each crate has a unique appearance, based on the natural imperfections of wood. Darla'Studio 66 also manufactures crates suitable for storing the more popular 12-inch albums that comprise most vinyl music collections. The crates are fully assembled, stackable and sturdy.

The pros and cons of the Darla'Studio 66 45 RPM Vinyl Record Storage Wood Crate include:


• Natural look for trendy rustic decor
• Protection for storing fragile 45s without stacking them
• Affordable price
• Vintage crate that complements vintage music
• Keeps records cool and dry


• Heavy to move and transport
• Wood crates that corrode over time
• Design style that some people don't appreciate

9. Darla Studio 66 Antique Gray Stained Rustic Wood Crate

Darla Studio 66 Antique Gray Stained Rustic Wood Crate

The Darla'Studio 66 Antique Gray Stained Rustic Wood Crate received 4.7 out of 5 stars from certified Amazon reviews. The rustic but elegant crate solves the problem of those who don't like rustic furnishings by raising the aesthetic appeal with antique gray staining. The result looks like a high-end storage crate and not a reclaimed crate from shipping. The wood for the crates is handcrafted, hand-stained and treated to prevent insect infestations.

The pros and cons of the Darla'Studio 66 Antique Gray Stained Rustic Wood Crate include:


• Affordable and versatile choice for storing vintage or modern vinyl records
• Focus on farmhouse design and vintage appearance
• Sturdy wood construction
• Stackable to save space
• Fully assembled
• Treated to resist insects
• Beautiful antique gray color that matches any color scheme


• Packing materials that don't protect the crate during shipping
• Sharp edges of distressed wood

10. LP Record Wood Crate

LP Record Wood Crate

The LP Record Wood Crate by Mowoodwork is an extra-large storage container for LPs, and it holds between 100 and 125 vinyl records, more than most other record storage solutions. Made from hardened pine, the crate is one of the sturdiest containers you can buy for storing your precious vinyl records. The box is moderately priced, but it holds more records, which is convenient for collectors who want to keep all of a certain type of music in one place.

The LP Record Wood Crate is lightly stained using a method that's more than 100 years old to create a rustic, vintage look that many vinyl aficionados appreciate because vintage containers are perfect for storing vintage music. The crate looks perfect in homes, offices and dorm rooms.

The pros and cons of the LP Record Wood Crate include:


• Handcrafted
• Fully assembled
• Made in the United States
• Stackable
• Holds more albums than other containers
• Measures 20" X 14" X 10"


• Heavy to carry
• Rustic look includes unfinished surfaces that generate splinters
• Slats that can easily be broken

Record Crate Selection Tips

1. Check the dimensions.

When looking for a record crate, you should first make sure that the dimensions of the container are suitable for this type of application. The typical sleeve cover for an LP will be 12.375 inches on each side or 31.43 centimeters. A lot of containers out there will have a storage bin with a width of exactly 12 inches so those might prove to be a bit undersized. You would not want to squeeze everything in as this would crumple the cardboard and ruin the value of your collection. There should be ample allowance on every side. Get something with a depth that is adequate to fit your LPs.

2. Examine structural integrity.

You could store your LPs horizontally, one on top of each other. This would be easy to do and you can create a large column at the corners of your room. However, this is far from ideal since it can make retrieval difficult. It will also put a great deal of pressure on the bottom part of the piles. These items might break because of the load. That’s why you should store them vertically. Use a strong container if you want to stack several crates on top of each other. Find ones with solid materials that will not buckle under substantial weight.

3. Ensure dust protection.

Even if you place the crates in an enclosed room, there is a good chance that they will be filled with dust if left without a cover. Consider looking for a container with a built-in shield from dirt and dust. This will give you the confidence to store your LPs and other collections inside for long periods without having to check on them. You will also be protecting them from insects, moisture, UV rays, and other issues that plague those with an open top design. If you plan to place these inside a shelf, then you might not need the enclosure.

4. Find specialized solutions.

The best record crates are found in specialty shops. These stores usually sell vinyl records so they provide accessories for the convenience of their customers. Since they probably have massive collections themselves, they know exactly what you might want to see when selecting a record crate. You could even see nifty features added for form or function. These specialized solutions are great if you have the funds to create the best music library in town. You could also start out modestly with just a few crates and build from there. You will have no worries about dimensions, capacity, material, rigidity, and so on.

5. Consider low-cost and DIY alternatives.

If you don’t quite have the funds to buy crates, then you could just improvise with common household items or purchase alternative solutions. For example, it is common for people to use milk crates for this kind of application. They are cheap and readily accessible, with a good size for the job. The problem with them is that they don’t have the structural rigidity necessary if you want to collect more vinyl. You could also opt for shelves from Ikea which have the necessary width for the job. If you are handy with tools, then go ahead and make your own according to your preferred design.

Types of Record Crates

1. Classic Crates

These are what you would usually associate with vinyl record storage. They are very similar in style to the fruit crates that were found everywhere in California back in the 60s and 70s. Many record bars sold these to their customers in large quantities. Fortunately, there are still manufacturers that keep the tradition alive. The design is simple yet functional with sturdy frames and open slats. You can add records from the top or the sides. Some new ones are more minimalist with their solid construction that is closed on all sides except the top. They have elongated holes for handles.

2. Mobile Crates

Since the crates are going to house multiple records, they can get quite heavy once filled up. Loving them around can be a challenge. If you want a crate that makes handling easier, then look for ones that have wheels under them. These mobile containers can be brought from room to room without any problems. If you have a large collection, then this is a good option for you. The crates can be made bigger since they won’t be a hassle to push around no matter how heavy they get. You can build a dedicated room for your archives and use these to make archiving easier.

3. LP Slings

These are storage solutions for records that take a cue from magazine racks. A sheet of leather or fabric is suspended from a frame at both ends while they form a U-shape. Records should fit neatly from the opening at the top. It would be easy to peruse what you have stored. This is a stylish and convenient design that is good for your favorite albums at the moment. Instead of storing them in big crates, place them in a smaller container like this to make them more accessible. Put it near your turntable so you can play music in a snap.

4. Crate Boxes

If you have a lot of records in your home, then you probably haven’t touched many of them for a long time. Many you just like to keep them out of nostalgia but don’t want to have them displayed. Indeed, it can be hard to find wall space to display every LP that you have. Some people just want a plain storage solution that will keep everything neat and away from dust. Crate boxes are the best match for this kind of usage. Put labels for easy identification. Stack them up in the basement or the attic.

Top Record Crate Brands

When it comes to selecting a record crate, it is best to adhere to the top brands which have the longevity, experience, and expertise need to create these products to a high degree of quality. Symbol Audio is one of the most respected in this category. Its Dovetail record crate is considered by many as one of the most beautiful options out there. It is inspired by 70s design sensibilities with natural oak or walnut finish. It gets its name from the exposed English dovetail joints. Peaches Record Crates are also iconic and cannot be ignored. If you are nostalgic about the good old days when record stores were the places to be, then these should appeal to you.

Average Record Box Pricing

You can find record crates prices at all levels to suit every type of budget. For example, you might see crate boxes that can be bought for under $10. These are made from thick cardboard and good for long-term storage. Others are a few hundred dollars because of their premium designs, materials, or size. Most are prices somewhere in between with each being $40-$80 for each piece. Consider carefully how you would like to organize your collection so you can plan ahead. Don’t put every cent on the records. Set aside enough funds to cover their display shelves and storage crates.


How many records fit in a crate?

Crates differ in depth so you need to check this dimension to estimate the capacity. If you are going for a cube design, then you are probably going to fit as much as 70 records in one of them. Go for a rectangular prism and you will be able to store more inside. Divide your number of records by the capacity of your chosen crate to find out how many of these you will need to purchase. Make sure to buy extras to allow your collection to grow through the years while maintaining the uniformity of your storage system. You never know whether these designs are still available later on.

How do you make a record storage crate?

For DIY enthusiasts, making their own storage crate is the better option to cut cost, optimize space, and get the exact design they want. You could do this in different ways from using old lumber to upcyling used boxes. Just make sure that you measure and cut the materials precisely. Start with a frame using 2x4s and add plywood to the sides if you want a more solid feel.

How do you make vinyl storage?

If you just want to store vinyl, then you don’t necessarily have to use a crate. Shelves will do just find. Bookshelves or shoe shelves are good alternatives. Check out low-cost options in the market. You may also make a shelf fit for this type of collection. You will need thick plywood if you want sturdy levels that do not bend under load. Support these using 2x4s strips underneath. You can also use metal supports that bolt directly onto the wall. Others repurpose their old furniture to save money.

Do milk crates fit records?

Some milk crates fit records. You need to double check by measuring them yourself. This is a material that many budget-conscious collectors resort to.

How many records is a inch?

Records vary in thickness so it’s hard to give a definitive answer. They got thinner as the technology progressed and the materials got stronger. The places where they were made also influence the thickness. Most are between 0.6 to 0.8mm. Then you have to factor in the cardboard cover. You can usually fit around 5 per inch but it could be more or less depending on the specific records.



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