Top 10 Best Record Cabinets for 2022 Reviews


If you’re among the individuals who still love and enjoy listening to the old school music, then you need a vinyl record cabinet. We all know that vinyl records are very delicate, and cluttering them everywhere means you’ll not enjoy them for long. Nobody wants that, and special storage is needed to guarantee a proper condition.

The top record cabinets are special and specific. Their design, style, dimension, and materials guarantee not only protection and proper organization, but also preserve the performance and quality of the vinyl records. With that, you have confidence that you’ll listen to your favorite playlist for years.

With many options out there in the market, selecting a new record cabinet might seem challenging. Worry no more; this review on top record cabinets for 2020 will help you figure out the best choice. Let’s get started.

1. Convenience Concepts Storage Cabinet

Convenience Concepts Storage Cabinet

Convenience Concepts is known for quality and well-designed décor furniture. This storage cabinet proves it all. You'll love its modern design. It has two compartments, reversible doors, and well-spaced legs. Whether you're choosing the white or black choice, it will easily complement any theme.

Both the interior and the top platform are spacious. The two large spaces of the console cabinet allow you to stock all the records with ease. There is a shelf to ensure compatibility and perfect organization of the records stored.

Quality materials are used in its making. Another good thing about this storage cabinet is the quality finishing and the ability to protect your stored items. You'll have to open the doors for full access.

• Complements any décor purposes
• Quality style and design
• Guaranteed stability
• Makes it easy for you to customize your space

• Though easy, assembling might take a bit lengthier

2. Foremost 327806 Storage System

Foremost 327806 Storage System

The modular divided storage has a simple yet elegant look. If you are looking for a cabinet that allows you to stack your vinyl and reflect the theme of your space, then this is the right option. It is very customizable, and because your records might be lonely, you can store other stuff.

You'll love the spacing in this storage system. Here, you can store many records. This is evident by the look of the two hollow compartments. If you've been collecting for a while, the entire space will suit you.

Other than aesthetics, the quality of this cabinet is not doubtable. It is made of solid wood, and this contributes to the cube sturdiness and durability. The finishing is top-notch due to the quality PVC laminate used.

• It's very durable
• Portable and easy to stack
• Quality finishing
• Easy to assemble and install

• You might need more than one to stack a life-time collection

3. Prepac Storage Cabinet

Prepac Storage Cabinet

The black Prepac made storage cabinet is designed to handle many records. If you have several vinyl records, this 8.2 x 48 x 34 inches cabinet allows you to stack them with ease. You need to mount it on the wall. It is a perfect home décor addition, and when installed, it complements your theme perfectly.

When it comes to space, the Prepac storage cabinet is among the spacious product you'll come across. The shelves are easy to adjust, allowing you to customize the space based on your intentions. You have adequate space for vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, VHS cassettes, among others.

The cabinet quality and laminated composite woods enable it to last for years. You don't have to worry about where to keep it; it works perfectly when the floor space is limited. You need to decide on where to hang it and the ideal height.

• Perfect for a large collection
• Looks beautiful on the wall
• Employs a hanging design -- you don't need a huge floor space
• It's very sturdy

• It is hard to fix the cabinet alone -- it needs two people to assemble

4. VASAGLE Industrial Cabinet for Storage

VASAGLE Industrial Cabinet for Storage

The cabinet combines both modern and vintage touch. If you're a fan of old charm and elegance, but still value modern furniture trends, you'll need this cabinet to keep your records. The design is simple yet outstanding. Its classic look makes it perfect when placed in any location in your house.

The cabinet has one large open compartment and a spacious top platform. The compartment is ideal for your records, a few books, or even a magazine. If you need a larger space, you can stack two storage units, and the results are amazing.

The first impression in this storage unit is the quality chipboard, excellent furnishing, and the coated iron legs. The legs are strong enough for support. They are also adjustable to achieve maximum stability on unstable ground.

• Comes with assembly tools and easy to follow instructions
• It's a perfect decorative piece
• The metal legs guarantee maximum support
• Very durable

• No interior shelves or divisions for perfect compatibility

5. Crosley Furniture Modern Media Console

Crosley Furniture Modern Media Console

Add some classic and modern style to your space with this cabinet. The mid-century modern design cabinet is an ideal choice when you need a cabinet that can act as a record player stand. Here, you can place the record player on top and the vinyl records in the cabinet.

The interior design is perfect, and the space is adequate for several records and any other accessory that seems fit. Inside the main cabinet, there are some wire dividers and shelves for a perfect organization. The shelves are adjustable. When using the cabinet, you'll have to slide the doors.

Other than quality design and craftsmanship, the cabinet has a quality mahogany finish and metal hardware. The Everett Console is timeless furniture that will last for years, giving you the value for your money.

• The cabinet lasts for years
• Adjustable shelves
• It is comprehensive -- stores the record player, records and other relevant accessories
• Allows for compatibility

• A bit costly when compared to the other cabinets

6. Crosley Entertainment Cabinet

Crosley Entertainment Cabinet

If you love hardwood metal furniture, then this black piece is for you. This product allows you to safely store the records and observe them through the decorative glass door. A design that you'll rarely find in other cabinets. Its size is ideal and fits anywhere without congesting your space.

The internal space has two shelves, the upper and lower shelves. The top shelf is relatively small compared to the bottom one. At the top, you can store a few sizable albums. The bottom shelf, due to its large size, accommodates your vinyl records perfectly.

If quality is your priority, this hardwood and veneer made cabinet will serve your purpose. It is handcrafted with a lot of keenness and precision. The hardware used are genuine and silver plated.

• Made of real wood
• Suits your style and decor
• A very unique design
• It's sturdy enough

• Not ideal for a very large collection

7. Way Basics Record Storage Cube

Way Basics Record Storage Cube

Way Basics has never kept designing amazing products. This time around, it is a 2 shelf cube that measures 14.2 x 18 x 29.1 inches and weighs 11.9 pounds. The cabinet has a modern and simple touch. It has no complications or additions in the design. Both shelves accommodate your vinyl records perfectly and in a fashionable way.

Its space is amazing, and you'll love it. You can keep and organize your collection with ease. With that space, you can accommodate over 170 records. Each shelf accommodates 85 records. When installing, do it in an upright manner. Ensure it is in a place you can reach easily.

While the cabinet is not made of wood, the company uses the zBoard. It is a high-quality material made of recycled paperboard and it holds up to 30lbs. It is environmentally friendly with no toxic dyes. Besides, it will serve you long.

• Easy to set up - no tools needed
• You enjoy a lifetime guarantee
• Stores up to 170 records
• Simple yet fashionable

• If you prefer real wood cabinets, this is not for you

8. Baxton Studio Wood Sideboard Storage

Baxton Studio Wood Sideboard Storage

Not every day you get a piece of classic furniture with both wood and sideboard. This Baxton Studio piece is all that you need to create a stylish yet simple display in your house. The classic design, two-tone sideboard, and finishing make it a perfect choice.

You have enough shelves to store your records and other essentials. There are three open shelves, and three closed compartments each with quality pull out doors. The open shelves have brown oak finishing. Since it has both open and closed shelves, the cabinet is easy to stock and allows air circulation.

With engineered wood and solid wood legs, you are certain of the cabinet quality. The oak and espresso finish gives it a perfect look.

• Quality finishing
• It has enough shelves
• It has magnetic closing
• Solid rubberwood legs for maximum support and ground clearance

• Assembling the cabinet is meticulous, but fun!

9. Bush Furniture Media Cabinet

Bush Furniture Media Cabinet

Bush Furniture never frustrates when it comes to designing the various media cabinets. If you keenly look at this cabinet, you'll notice the perfect qualities that make it ideal for storing your favorite vintage vinyl records. It has a perfect length and size. It measures 23.7 x 15.7 x 41.2 inches and weighs 66.5 pounds.

The cabinet has three adjustable shelves, and this makes it possible to store several records. The space is also adequate to keep other things like books and modern-day AV components. The door has frosted glass boosting the security of the components while its legs are tapered for maximum support.

Opting for this cabinet is a noble decision. It's quality and fashionable. The ventilation and wire slots are an advantage if you'll store other media components other than your records. Bush Furniture tests all its products before release to the market.

• Attractive frosted glass
• Durable finish
• High-quality hardware
• Adequate space for many records

• Some argue that the back section is thin

10. Sofamania Modern 2 Door Storage Cabinet

Sofamania Modern 2 Door Storage Cabinet

It is an ultra-modern cabinet you need to purchase if you value fine things. The furniture is simple, sleek, colorful, and very stylish. You can, therefore, place it in any place within the house, and it will match the interior theme.
Other than its aesthetics, the cabinet has enough space at the external top where you can place a few things like a TV. The interior has two compartments with adequate space and quality finishing. The legs and doors are quality. Upon purchase, you're sure of full support and well-functioning doors.

• Very sturdy
• Ease to assemble
• Sells at a fair price - similar items cost higher
• Excellent aesthetics

• Adding wire dividers would be better - to boost records compatibility

Record Cabinet Selection Tips

Record cabinets not just offer storage space for your vinyl records, but they also take up a good amount of space in your living room or bedroom. Therefore, it’s important that you not just consider the functionality of the cabinet but also the aesthetics side of it when selecting a record cabinet.

Wood cabinets are extremely popular since they are sturdy and integrate nicely with the interiors of most houses. These cabinets also come in different colors and sizes. Choose a color that matches the décor of the room. For instance, if the room has a more modern, minimalistic look, go with light-colored cabinets. There are plenty of record cabinets in off-white hues. If you fancy the “wooden” look, you can have the cabinet in light brown colors.

Also, make sure you buy a cabinet that fits your storage requirements. For instance, if your collection of records is fairly small and you do not intend to build on that, it’s recommended you refrain from splurging on a massive cabinet. Also, make sure the cabinets are spacious enough to fit your records. Vinyl records come in different sizes and the bigger 12-inch records may not fit inside the compartments of a fairly compact record cabinet.

Choose your record cabinet accessory options too. If you’d like to store a few other items other than your records, look for cabinets that give you that leeway. If you do not find a cabinet fitting your varying storage requirements, you can always have them custom-made. There are several companies that do bespoke record cabinets.

If you are not sure about how your future approach would be toward LP record collection, buy a small record storage box to fit in all your records. Once you have exhausted space in the box and you have no room to store your other records, you can always buy another small storage box and stack it over the original box. Stack a handful of these boxes and over a period you would have built your own modular record cabinet.

Do not buy tall record cabinets. Always look to buy cabinets that stretch horizontally. The issue with the taller cabinets is that they could pose trouble when you try to access records stored at the top. But if you still insist on a tall cabinet that doesn’t present accessibility issues, look for cabinets that come with a curved design.

Though wood and metal are the two most commonly used record cabinet materials, you can also find plastic record cabinets. Needless to say, the plastic ones would be inexpensive of the three. However, since plastic is plastic, it would get easily damaged. Therefore, you shouldn’t be considering a plastic cabinet unless it’s some makeshift cabinet. If you are going wood or metal, look for their maintenance requirements. Wood is usually more reactive to changes in its environment than metal. If you live in a place that has extreme climatic conditions, make sure the wood cabinet you purchased has been finished to withstand those fluctuations.

When making a purchase, ensure you do that keeping the future in mind. If you have just started collecting records and foresee yourself adding more to the collection, make sure you buy a record cabinet accordingly. In other words, choose a size that’s larger than what your current storage requirements are. If you are done with collecting records and simply want to stow your records for novelty purposes, buy a cabinet that’s just right for your collection.

Types of Record Cabinets

There is no standard record cabinet type. Based on the manufacturer, the actual type of cabinet would vary. The cabinets usually vary based on their number of rows, drawers, open or closed-design, overall size, etc. The biggest cabinets would let you store anywhere between 400 and 500 records. The extremely compact cabinets would offer storage space for up to 100 records.

If you are looking for something clean and simple, standard record cabinets would do the job. These usually come in different sizes. The size would usually fall in the 20″ to 72″ length range. Whether you have just started to amass records of your favorite artists or have been doing that for years, you should find a size that fits your requirements. These cabinets usually come with a drawer(s) and an open front to exhibit your collection.

If your record collection is large, you would need a cabinet that has at least two cubby rows. There are cabinets that let you store your records and also your small turntable accessories. These could come with one to three drawers. And the turntable usually sits atop the cabinet. You can have the cabinet custom-made to be equipped with more than three drawers. However, the cabinet would then look like a bit too much of a stretch.

Top Record Cabinet Brands

There are different companies making record cabinets. The popular and most reliable brands are usually the ones making different types of furniture for the home and office. Record cabinets being one of their offerings. On the other side, there are manufacturers that do record cabinets only, besides other things related to vinyl records. Since they make only record cabinets, their offerings are usually much better in quality compared to the run of the mill cabinets.

And due to the much better quality, they are on the slightly pricier side too. These are companies that would take a few weeks to even a month to deliver your record cabinet since they build the cabinet from scratch after you put in the order. They could also have some premade cabinets, but those are far and between.

Some of the top record cabinet brands are Sefour, Juno Records, Ikea, Plantabox, and Audio Affair. If you want brands that are more accessible in the United States, Foremost, Crosley, Simple Houseware, KAIU, and Sleeve City are worth consideration.

Average Record Cabinet Pricing

The price of a record cabinet generally falls within a wide range. It could be anywhere between a few dollars to several hundred dollars. Generally, the materials used, storage space, craftsmanship involved, etc. determine how much you end up paying for the cabinet. The brand value has a lesser role to play here.

For instance, the Expedit shelves by Ikea would set you back by approximately $200. However, the Swedish furniture giant also sells much cheaper options. The difference between their pricier and more affordable cabinets is storage space and material. The updated versions of the erstwhile popular cabinets would usually cost you more.

Besides space, materials, and storage options, some of these record cabinets could have lockers and attractive display systems that would also shoot up the price.


What is the best way to store LP records?

When stored in a controlled space, records could last several decades. A controlled space is any environment where heat, light, humidity, and pressure are under control. If storing at home, make sure the temperature is 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. Minimal to no exposure to lights; dry environment; and no stacking of records are things to ensure when storing LP records.

There are a few other things you could do to ensure proper LP record storage. Always put the records in their jackets and do that only after having thoroughly cleaned the records. Use proper cleaning cloth to wipe the records. Do not clean the record with your t-shirt as the cloth’s fibers and dirt traces would scratch and scuff your vinyl. A record cleaning brush would come in quite handy.

Your records should be in their jackets at all times. The only time they can be taken out is when they are being played. Do not leave the record on the turntable for too long as that would lead to dirt and dust accumulation on the records. The sound quality, as a result, would take a beating.

Will vinyl records fit in a file cabinet?

Traditionally, no. Filing cabinets are for storing files. The drawers in them are usually not deep enough to accommodate vinyl records. However, if you manage to get hold of a fairly big size cabinet, you may place a divider right in the center of the drawers, putting a couple of rows of 45’s.

How do I know what size my record is?

Vinyl records do not come in one standard size. For instance, a single record would have a smaller physical footprint compared to an album record. Vinyl records are usually 12 or 7 inches. However, there are 10-inch vinyl records too, which have been doing the rounds since the 1950s.

Is it bad to stack records?

Stacking could cause the records to warp. The storage method could even result in the records cracking, due to the weight, and would inevitably create ring wear and scuff marks. Records should always be stowed upright like books.

Should records be stored vertically or horizontally?

Records should be stored vertically. When you store them horizontally or one over the other, there is pressure build-up that could cause warped grooves. Records that are vertically stored would usually not have this issue. However, make sure the vertically stored records are not crammed against each other.



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