Top 10 Best Party Speakers For 2022 Reviews


Party speakers come in various sizes these days, but everyone is looking for some legitimate power to turn to. A good speaker does its job, can withstand quite a bit of use and fits into a nice price range.

No matter how much a person is looking to spend, below are the 10 best party speakers to consider purchasing in 2020. They all have their pros and cons, but people should be able to find something that fits their needs.

1. ION Audio Tailgater Plus

ION Audio Tailgater Plus

ION Audio has a few different options for party speakers on the market, but their Tailgator Plus is the best overall value currently. It's basically a no-frills speaker that is easy to use over and over again.

There really isn't much to hate with the speaker for the price. It has up to 50 hours of battery life, which is perfect for outdoor get togethers. Bluetooth is the preferred connectivity method, but there is an aux input plus a radio option.

A microphone is included for singing, speaking or anything else. While not the best, it's nice to have the option to use once in a while if needed. Most people will need to invest in another microphone if they plan on using it a lot.

For $119, this is an excellent choice for a strong, powerful machine that a person doesn't have to worry about damaging. It might not be the most aesthetically pleasing speaker out there, but the good news is that it is tough to damage.


Bluetooth is easy to set up, and dependable
Easy learning/set up process
Very good battery life
Sound quality is great for its price range


Included microphone isn't that great
Despite being compact, it is somewhat difficult to carry with handle setup

2. PRORECK PARTY 15 Portable 15-Inch 2000 Watt 2-Way Powered PA Speaker System

PRORECK PARTY 15 Portable 15-Inch 2000 Watt 2-Way Powered PA Speaker System

A single speaker can be sufficient for smaller parties, but most people will feel a lot more comfortable with at least two. Proreck sells this two-pack of 15-inch speakers that can really fill up a room or a gathering outdoors in a hurry.

The speakers are very loud, and it doesn't have to be in an abnoxious way. Even at the higher settings, music plays crystal clear. The same goes for the microphone feature.

The stand is solid and well put together. It is sturdy enough to be trusted in windy weather, which is about all you can ask out of stands like this. It will take a true mishap for someone to knock it over.

For two solid speakers of this caliber, the price is perfect. For a lot of people, this is truly a package that can cover everything they could possibly need.


Very loud
No diminishing sound on high volume
Automatically pairs after initial Bluetooth setup


Bass is subpar
Can run a little warm

3. beFree Sound Rechargeable Bluetooth 12inch Double Subwoofer

beFree Sound Rechargeable Bluetooth 12inch Double Subwoofer

The company beFree might not be that well known, bu these speakers have plenty of positive reviews around the internet. After giving them a try, it is pretty easy to see why.

This speaker is loud. It delivers a great punch, and can act as a standalone speaker without an issue. With party lights on the speaker, it is a true all-in-one entertainment machine.

It is worth noting that this is a pretty heavy speaker. It won't matter much if it is mostly stationary, but those who want to move it around or transport it to different parties might find it difficult. It comes with convenient wheels, but it is still somewhat difficult.

For under $200, there are not many speakers who can say they are louder. The brand can be trusted to deliver a strong and clear sound, and the speaker should last a long time.


Very loud
Comes with wheels to move around
Solid construction


A little bulky/hard to carry around compared to other options
Bluetooth connectivity could be better

4. Pyle PADH212 1600W Heavy Duty Speaker

Pyle PADH212 1600W Heavy Duty Speaker

There are not many durable speakers with this amount of features priced at under $200. Pyle spared trying to make the speaker look fancy, instead focusing on performance, and it shows.

Main features include four piezo tweets, two 12" subwoofers, a huge 80 ounce woofer magnet weight to deliver great sound and more. Weighing in at just under 60 pounds, it's one of the best in the business for big sound from a single speaker.

The speaker won't win any style points, but it is designed to be a heavy duty option that just works. It does that, and therefore it continues to receive high marks.

One more thing to note: despite this speaker being fairly big, the design makes it pretty easy to fit just about anywhere.


Big and powerful
Crisp sound even at high volume
One of the most durable options in its price range
Small footprint for size


Very basic looking
Some assembly required

5. Altec Lansing ALP-L2200PK Lightning Series

Altec Lansing ALP-L2200PK Lightning Series

Altec designed this speaker with transportation in mind. That's the first thing people will notice. With party lights and built in media player as well, this is a perfect accessory for a get together anywhere.

A speaker for a party not only needs to sound great, but it should look great too. It's fairly unassuming out of the box, but once set up and plugged in, this speaker delivers in a big way.

The volume of this speaker is so much that it could get a person in trouble with their neighbors quickly. The crispness of the sound is great as well.

Although not an issue for us, there have been some reports of durability issues online for this speaker. The company does seem to be very responsive to complaints from customers though if something goes wrong.


One of the loudest portable speakers around
Built to take anywhere
Lights add a part element
Bass and treble are great


Could be slightly lighter (about 40 pounds)
Some online reviewers have cited durability issues after a few months

6. Ion Audio MAIN-80512ION

Ion Audio MAIN-80512ION

This is the second ION Audio speaker to make the list, but the first with spinning party lights on the top. Designed with parties and karaoke in particular in mind, this speaker is a bit different than the others discussed in this review so far.

Music can be streamed with bluetooth, and the pairing process is flawless. There are a number of karaoke effects for people to mess with, most notable echoing.

The lights on the speaker can be changed to six different colors. It adds a fun element to a party, especially at night. It might not seem like much, but it can easily light up an entire room.

The sound is solid, but if looking for purely sound, it might not be the absolute best speaker. This is a great speaker option due to the additional features built in.


Perfect for karaoke
Lights fill up a room easily
Two microphone inputs


Pretty average as a standalone speaker
Included microphone is nothing special

7. Sony GTKXB7BC High Power Home Audio System

Sony GTKXB7BC High Power Home Audio System

As far as party speakers go, the Sony GTKXB7BC might be the best of the best. It continually gets high praise in reviews online, and it can be used by itself or paired with a full setup for the ultimate party.

Setup is easy, despite there being so many features included with the speaker. People should take the time to read through the manual and learn all the different tricks and adjustments that can be made.

It comes with lights, but they don't really add much to the overall value of the speaker. Most people are indifferent about them, as they aren't obnoxious.

Connectivity is huge with this speaker. Not only is bluetooth available, but plenty of other things can be plugged in and used as well.

Sound is very, very good. Bass is excellent, midranges are very clean and volume can get up there. It might not be the loudest, but overall sound quality is hard to beat.


Bass is excellent
A very durable audio system overall
Ample ports for connectivity
Capable of connecting to different devices at once


No additional cables included
Lights aren't really that necessary
Price is a little on the higher side

8. Bose S1 Pro Bluetooth Speaker System

Bose S1 Pro Bluetooth Speaker System

Bose is known for having somewhat high prices for some of their products, but at $599.99, some people might be a little bit hesitant. It's the most expensive one in this review, but with outstanding reviews, did it live up to expectations?

The simple answer is: yes! This is a speaker for those who want a very professional, loud sound. The sound has plenty of depth to it, even with the volume on full blast. It's a crispness that just can't be replicated in more inexpensive models.

The speaker can be used for parties, but also for artists as well. This is a popular choice for those who are in a band and performing at parties. If the money is available, investing in this speaker is an excellent choice that will last years and years.


Best overall sound out of all listed speakers
Great battery life
Bluetooth is very dependable
Boss customer support


Instructions aren't the best

9. LyxPro SPA-8 Compact 8″ Portable PA System

LyxPro SPA-8 Compact 8

LyxPro continues to receive great reviews for their 8" portable speaker. Priced just over $100, it packs a powerful punch despite being so small.

Many are blow away by how loud it can get despite its size. It's not a flashy speaker by any means, but it performs well indoors and outdoors (however, it does sound better indoors).

It's hard to criticize a small speaker too much for not having a strong bass, but it should be pointed out. Don't invest in this speaker if bass is the most important thing.

Outside of that though, it is hard to really complain about this speaker. It's a perfect travel companion for a party thrower.

Sound is big for the size
Easy to travel around with
Multiple audio sources can be used simultaneously

Not big enough for a larger room/party
Bass isn't the best

10. Dual Electronics LU43P

Dual Electronics LU43P

As the cheapest option in this top 10 list by far, expectations might be low for a lot of people. Dual Electronics LU43P might not have the overall sound, but is it good enough for it to have value?

For most people, the answer is yes. Buyers just need to have realistic expectations. This speaker isn't going to compete with Sony or Bose above, but they are inexpensive options that are durable for party settings.

The speakers can be chained together, and that is what a lot of people use them for. Scattered around a party, the sound can really be great.

Durability is great with these, which is a huge plus. Customers can beat them up and they still work well after months and years of use. For cheaper speakers, it is hard to beat that.


Durable indoors and outdoors
Can be chained together with other speakers


Wired connection is sometimes unreliable
Need at least two speakers for great sound

Party Speaker Selection Tips

The price of a party speaker system is based on the sound quality and the materials used in its production. Usually, the size of a unit greatly affects the power and the audio output. Portable audio systems, such as Bluetooth speakers can provide convenience and satisfaction.

Party speakers offered by the best brands typically come with several connections that allow you to listen to music from different sources. The units have RCA, USB or other features to connect to the stereo or PC. This makes it easier to amplify the sound of the source. They also have Bluetooth connectivity, which is useful when planning to stream the music library on your smartphone or tablet and listen to your favorite songs while avoiding cable clutter.

Both home and portable audio systems must come with good materials that guarantee durability over time. Portable sound systems usually have this feature without which it would be a bit tricky to use them outdoors. In case you are nostalgic of the old audio formats, you can buy a system that has a CD player or cassette, so you can go back to listening to music on a physical medium.

The main difference between fixed and portable audio systems lies in their size. The former often come with a box-like design or a simpler design than an entire set with an amplifier system.

Frequency range and power

When it comes to power, it is important to first debunk a myth. Oftentimes, when friends or musicians talk about party speakers the only comparison is watts. Power is important but it is not the only factor that influences the quality of a powered speaker. On the contrary, it only indicates the volume that buyers can expect from the unit. This is certainly important in some respects.

For example, a pair of PC speakers do not have enough power to work as party speakers. But beyond that, power does not provide any other information regarding the quality of the audio system.

Another important factor is the frequency range. The frequencies that are audible to the human ear range from 20 to 20,000 Hertz. Speakers that cover this whole range provide the best experience. There are 1-, 2- and 3-way speakers depending on how the frequencies are divided. There can be speakers with a single loudspeaker (or multiple) covering the same range of frequencies.

Frequencies can be divided between the various speakers of a set. The number of ways is not important and there are excellent speakers with a single speaker (and therefore only one way) and other speakers with three or more ways but of mediocre quality.

When it comes to the robustness of materials. Check the placement of the cone. If this is too light and not strong, it may vibrate. This produces annoying sounds. Pay special attention to the features dedicated to low frequencies. The top speakers are built with the best materials that sometimes make them slightly heavier but the audio quality is unparalleled.

Amplified party speakers are much easier to install and use. Just plug them into an electrical outlet and an audio source, such as a stereo, PC or TV. Passive speakers need a separate amplifier. So they clutter a lot more and can be difficult to use for novices.

Once you have decided which type of speaker you want, check the power, frequency and construction materials. Try the speaker set before making the final choice. If you buy in a store, ask the assistant to play the unit and help you feel the sounds. Instead, if you buy on the internet based on reviews and experiences of other users, ask friends to try their speakers.

Lastly the price. Think about how much you can spend because there are expensive professional sets that are not ideal not for every budget.

Types of Party Speakers

Speakers can be classified into two basic categories: active and passive. Active loudspeakers have an amplification system, in addition to the speakers. In addition, they have cross-over filters and equalizers already calibrated for the human ear. For example, human hearing is less sensitive to the bass that must be set three or four times more powerful than the mids and highs.

Active speakers already have this type of equalization. Simply connect them with two cables, one power supply and the jack, which is attached to the audio source, and they are ready for use.

As part of the party speakers buyers guide, you can familiarize with passive loudspeakers. Unlike active ones, they do not have an amplifier inside them. They must, therefore, be connected to external amplifiers and equalizers, taking up much more space. The sound must be set professionally or you end up with poor sound quality.

Passive units are more customizable providing the possibility to equalize the sound but the setup process is a rather complicated operation. In addition, passive speakers are sensitive and you have to be careful to adjust the power to avoid damaging them.

As for prices, the active speakers usually cost more since they come with the amplifier. However, passive units require additional items that must be bought.

Top Party Speaker Brands

The market is filled with a wide variety of party speaker brands from which to choose. To make the right choice, you need to follow the party speakers buyers guide. Some of the top brands include Bose, Sony, Ion, Altec, Aiwa and JBC

Some of the Bose speakers of the party series can be connected to each other and be placed in various spots to reproduce the same music simultaneously or different tracks in several rooms. Using the Preset buttons you can store favorite channels or favorite tracks of each channel to create a Spotify list.

Sony offers some of the best party speakers on the market, including Sony MHC-V11. Although it is not the cheapest audio system around, the Sony MHC-V11 offers impressive performance and practicality. For this reason, it is hard to find a model similar to this Sony offering. It is a single case with a truly captivating design that allows you to listen to your music with a definition of respect, without having to fit in the living room or in the room different cumbersome components.

It has several input sources, so you can listen to your favorite tracks from a variety of devices even via Bluetooth. In this way, it is possible to launch the music from your smartphone and tablet or connect the portable audio system to the TV to amplify the sound.

Average Party Speaker Pricing

The average price for a quality party speaker set ranges can cost $300 or more. The best units typically cost more but it is also possible to find a powerful set of speakers for a reasonable price.

Party Speakers Buyers Guide: Questions and Answers (Q&A)

What is a Party Speaker?

A party speaker is a unit that is designed for events (outdoor or indoors); it comes with a powerful sound output.

What is better passive or powered speakers?

Ultimately, active speakers are ideal for home use or if you need to bring them for events. Simply take the speaker and you will be ready. With passive speakers, you should also bring along other pieces, such as amplifiers, equalizers and more.

Therefore a passive speaker is a speaker that needs an already amplified audio signal and that limits itself to transform the electrical energy of this signal into sound waves. In addition to incorporating all the elements contained in a passive box an active speaker also has the amplifier (and all that is needed for its proper operation: power supply, preamplifier,)

From the acoustic point of view, active speakers are subdivided according to the same criteria used for passive systems. Therefore there may be active speakers with two or more routes; with or without bass reflex, and so on.

These units include a simple amplified speaker (mono-amp), multiple amplified speaker (bi-amp, tri-amp) and the simple amplified system. The preamplifier is used to raise or lower the level of the input signal so as to perfectly control the so-called final stage of amplification.

In many cases, for example, the preamplifier – or simply pre – involves connecting a microphone, a CD player, a tablet or a keyboard; all signs that can have very different levels. Sometimes even the pre incorporates a real mixer, which allows you to simultaneously use multiple audio sources and adjust volume and tone.

What speakers do DJs use?

Passive speakers are the favorite of professionals, including DJs who know how to install them and make them work.

What are the best speakers for a house party?

Some of the best speakers for home use include Bose Home Speaker 500, Ion Audio MAIN-80512ION Audio Party Rocker Plus, ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77), Sony GTKXB7BC and the Altec Lansing ALP-XP800 Xpedition 8.

What is the best Bluetooth speaker for a party?

The best Bluetooth speaker for a party is the Sony GTKXB7BC.

What is the loudest portable speaker?

The loudest unit is the DiamondBoxx Model L Speaker.

What is the best tailgate speaker?

The ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77) is undoubtedly the best tailgate speaker for your needs.




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