Top 10 Best Guitar Chairs And Stools for 2022 Reviews


Guitar stools and chairs are not just important for convenience and comfort. Consider the thousands of hours spent sitting and playing your guitar over the years, particularly those who prefer classical and acoustic guitar over electric. Good seats not only prevent back injuries and bad posture, but will also enhance your playing skills and your ability to access notes, especially those found on the higher frets. Below are some of the top guitar chairs and stools currently available:

1. Gator Frameworks Guitar Seat with Padded Cushion

Gator Frameworks Guitar Seat with Padded Cushion

This chair sports a contemporary, black seat and is fitted with a built-in stand. Even though it is fairly inexpensive, it accommodates as much as 300 pounds. This makes it adequately strong to hold larger players. In addition, it has a handy, removable backrest and a thick padded cushion, making it possible to convert it into a stool.

Its pin lock technology is simple to use when the chair is being assembled or disassembled. It also has stable no-slip rubber feet. Another great feature is that the stand is not in the way of your feet, which allows room to play.

Furthermore, the entire seat is collapsible and its compact design enables easy storage and transportation. Because of its lightweight of 13.2 pounds and it capacity to be folded away after use, this is ideal for traveling guitarists or those who have limited space at home.


•Inexpensive compared to other models
•It has a high weight capacity that can accommodate players weighing as much as 300 pounds
•The soft, rubberized built-in stand holds acoustic, bass and electric guitars. It can also be removed for additional room
•It has a quick release pin technology which makes it collapsible and enables easy and compact storage
•Removing the backrest can convert it into a stool. Additionally, the backrest tilts backward and forward to accommodate different sized players.
•There are only three parts to assemble and it comes with the hardware and clear instructions.


•The neck of the guitar is not fully supported by the stand
•Some find the seat to be narrow
•The height of the seat is not adjustable

2. Portable Adjustable Musician Performer Stool Guitarist Throne

Portable Adjustable Musician Performer Stool Guitarist Throne

The PKST70 Musician's Chair Seat from Pyle features adjustable seat, backrest cushions and foot rest. It can adapt easily to any instrumentalist and any environment from the studio to the stage. The sturdy and comfortable design was constructed with the musician in mind. Height adjustment and fast setup makes the stool ideal for transport and portability. After its use, the backrest, seat and the footrest fold conveniently to accommodate storage. This Guitarist Throne can be used at practically any venue and for applications ranging from beginner to professional. It is ideal for entertainers like performers, musicians, guitar players, sound engineers, pianists and drummers.


•Backrest is adjustable and removable
•Folds easily for storage and portability
•Adjustable stool height
•The seat and backrest has comfortable padding


•The seat can only be adjusted to up or down, it cannot move back and forth

3. On-Stage DT8500 Throne

On-Stage DT8500 Throne

As veterans in the game, On-Stage has been around for more than 36 years and have prided themselves on being master of product innovation. The DT8500 Throne is a tremendous chair that embodies a strong, highly-adjustable and crafty design. Its frame has ends that are capped with anti-slip rubber and it has a super sturdy dual lean-to construction. In addition, it is equipped with a footrest that is designed to provide support for a comfortable playing posture.

This Keyboard Throne is tremendously comfortable, made from vinyl covered padded foam and is 12 ⅖ inches in height. It is entirely adjustable via the simple line up holes and it can be adjusted between 21 and 30 inches tall. It also has an impressive backrest than can be adjusted to suit all players via of 2 dual tension adjustment knobs. Additionally, it is generously cushioned for comfort and convenience.


•Strong construction
•Highly adjustable
•Comfortable backrest and seat


•Some find the seat to be a bit small
•Partial disassembly is required for adjustment

4. Quick Lok Musician Seat

Quick Lok Musician Seat

This deluxe seat from Quik Lok is among the better quality chairs currently on the market. You will be able to make adjustments the height of the backrest and the seat. However, you will have to work with the angle of the backrest as it cannot be adjusted.

This is a very durable and sturdy chair; however, it is also quite heavy in comparison to the other comparable seats. If you plan to transport the chair from one gig to another, you should consider whether this option will be the best for you. It is actually ideal for those looking for a chair to buy and primarily leave in one place.

There are a large number of reviews praising the durable build quality and level of padding. The seat is adequately wide to fit all body types; however, if you are a stickler for comfort you might want to think about another model as the backrest angle on this seat cannot be adjusted.


•Adjustable height and footrest


•Backrest angle is not adjustable

5. On-Stage DT7500 Guitarist Stool with Footrest

On-Stage DT7500 Guitarist Stool with Footrest

This is an all-in-one instrument stand and guitar stool that collapses for easy transportation and storage. Its robust yoke with detachable latch and cradle are covered by EVA rubber, which is designed to safeguard your bass or guitar. There are 4 non-slip rubber feet that are intended to provide stability. Its footrest and foam cushioned seat deliver added comfort and this is particularly useful for longer gigs. It is of aluminum construction and requires no assembly. It weighs 7.7 pounds and can accommodate as much as 300 pounds.


•Simple design
•Very sturdy
•Holds items securely


•Not very comfortable
•Limited adjustments

6. Fender Blackout Guitar Stool 24 in

Fender Blackout Guitar Stool 24 in

With its heavy steel frame, this guitar stool from Fender enables even the largest players to feel quite stable while they are playing. When it comes to aesthetics, it has a soft padded top with the pretty remarkable Fender logo emblazoned across it.

Even though the Fender 24-inch Blackout Guitar Stool is not adjustable and is designed for small to average-sized players, the manufacturer also has a 30-inch version meant for individuals with bigger and taller builds. This makes it possible for the majority of players to buy a product that will provide a comfortable height for their build.

Overall, this stool is best suited for guitar players who are planning on regularly practicing in the same location. This is because the stool is not collapsible, which makes it difficult to transport.


•It is quite inexpensive in comparison to other models
•Looks outstanding in any music room
•It is a strong, sturdy, quality product


•Not adjustable or collapsible
•Instructions are confusing

7. Stagg GIST-300 Foldable Stool with Built-in Guitar Stand

Stagg GIST-300 Foldable Stool with Built-in Guitar Stand

The Stagg GIST-300 is a remarkable stool and it certainly finds itself in the category of providing great value for money. It is a great looking product that is also highly convenient since it serves as a stand for both electric and acoustic guitars.

Guitar stools and chairs are superb for retaining an outstanding posture to enhance fretting, note access, quality of playing and voice projection for those who sing. constructed to an impressive standard with its solid and sturdy build, this stool definitely provides these benefits. For maximum comfort, it is designed with a padded vinyl throne top and its all-black appearance is quite sleek.

This bar stool is tremendously lightweight and measures in at a little more than 2 feet. It can also be folded, making it easy to transport and store. Reinforced covers are added to the bottoms of the legs of this well-made chair for additional durability.


•Super lightweight steel build
•Integrated guitar stand


•Some find it a bit too tall
•Small footrest bar

8. Taylor Guitars Bar Stool Black

Taylor Guitars Bar Stool Black

The Taylor brand is renowned for its high-end acoustic guitars; however, the company has ventured out and produced a guitar barstool to provide support for your guitar. The height of the bar stool is a 24 inches and it is decked out with a padded swivel seat inscribed with a Taylor Guitars logo. Its foot ring enables you put your leg into the ideal playing position. With this stool, you can add attractive and functional furniture and spruce up your studio.

It classic design features a comfortable swivel seat that is padded in a black vinyl matte finish. The stool is easy to assemble, so shortly after taking it out of the package, you will be ready for an epic jam session, even if you only have an audience of one. If you would like your acoustic guitar man cave to have an authentic feel, this stool is the one to get.


•It is smooth and quiet
•Easy to assembly
•Very sturdy construction


•Heavy and not meant to be carried around
•Not height adjustable

9. ProRock Gear Guitar Stool and Stand

 ProRock Gear Guitar Stool and Stand

The built-in guitar stand is the obvious main feature of this guitar stool. The chair legs are in a stylish black tone and are of a sturdy steel build. Additionally, protective rubber anti-slip caps are used to finish the legs. The stool is also a great height, measuring in at 27 ½ inches. This indicates that it will be suitable for taller guitar players, while not being excessively big that smaller players are uncomfortable. Its load-bearing capacity is 300 pounds and a solid horizontal bar also provides support to enhance stability. Additionally, for superior posture it is remarkable to rest your feet on while strumming the guitar.

The very comfy seat is made out of black vinyl covered padding and it is of a convenient size. Located right underneath the ergonomic seat is a remarkable addition of an adjustable neck yoke that comes with its own safety lock. This is a part of the very impressive combined stand feature. This model is also foldable for convenience when transporting and storing the seat.


•Sturdy and stable build
•Integrated guitar stand
•Adjustable safety latch and neck yoke
•Foldable for easy transport and storage


•Some find the padding a tad thin

10. CedarsLink LK-STU Portable Guitar Padded Chair Adjustable

CedarsLink LK-STU Portable Guitar Padded Chair Adjustable

This durable steel chair weighs approximately 20 pound. It has an adjustable height of roughly 23 to 32 inches The chair has a capacity to hold up to 300 pounds, which is impressive for a chair that looks so unassuming.

It is fashion-forward and decreases fatigue and stress on your back and legs. The sitting area and backrest have soft cushioning to keep you feeling cozy all day long. This seat also enables you to lower and raise the backrest and assemble and disassemble it quickly and easily.


•Extremely comfortable
•Quite sturdy
•Provides impressive back support


•No con was detected

Selecting a Guitar Chair

It might not be the first piece of equipment a person worries about when playing the guitar, but a comfortable guitar chair is going to make a big difference. Most people who are trying to become great at the instrument will be spending hours and hours at a time trying to perfect certain chords and feel comfortable overall. A comfortable chair will feel just fine during long practice sessions, providing soft support without having to move around consistently.

Comfort is important, but so is proper posture. It might not be a big deal playing with poor posture every once in a while, but it can do some long-term damage if a person doesn’t correct their mistakes right away. There are a lot of musicians out there who regret not taking more care of their body when they played at an early age. Make sure to learn from those mistakes, and focus on posture as much as possible. Not only does it help from a health perspective, but it usually makes a player look better during a performance.

A good chair is going to encourage proper posture the entire time. It might feel a little different at first, but not having back pain later on in life will certainly be huge. Get over that initial discomfort, and overall it will be a step in the right direction. Most people will adjust, and then never look back.

All in all, the best selection tip for a guitar chair is to try it out in a store before purchasing. It doesn’t have to necessarily be purchased from the store, but just getting a sense of how it feels will tell a lot. That’s something that is very hard

Types of Guitar Chairs

There are a few different types of guitar chairs, but it mostly boils down to whether or not a person wants a backrest or not. Some people like the minimalist stool set up, as it allows for a little more freedom of motion. It also usually has nice upholstery for people to enjoy. A stool sits a little higher up than a lot of chairs, and some people prefer that feeling when they are playing.

A chair with a back is definitely more beneficial for any person who is dealing with back issues. If there is a little pain, a person can lean back a bit and not lose a beat. Some guitar players complain about not feeling alert when they are lounging in a chair. It also is a little more restrictive, which is something to keep in mind if a guitar player plans on getting animated.

Top Guitar Chair Brands

A simple search online will show that there are a lot of different chair options that can be used while playing the guitar. Some are not even designed specifically for guitar playing, but they work the same way.

The best brands specifically for guitar playing are no strangers to guitarists all around the world. Yamaha and Fender both make their own versions of a guitar chair, as well as some other guitar manufacturing companies. In fact, they have several different versions, allowing a player to pick the exact style they are looking for.

Other companies that do very well as far as reviews are concerned are Gibraltar and Quick Lok. There are also a bunch of generic options for people to pick that might be labeled as a computer chair, but they work just fine as well. AmazonBasics, for example, sells a number of multi-use chairs that are very inexpensive with great reviews.

Average Guitar Chair Pricing

It’s pretty easy to find a good chair that is well under $100. Most people are going to spend a little more than $50, but it is considered to be a pretty wise investment overall.

Some of the more premium options will be slightly over $100. It really depends on how much a person loves a particular chair. It’s worth spending a little more money if it is truly a game-changer, but when both are pretty similar, go with the cheaper option.

Common Questions and Answers

Which guitar chair brand is best

Every single person has slightly different preferences, so it is virtually impossible to name the best guitar chair brand. With that said, some have better reviews than others, and they have been around for a while as well.

For those who really like to match as much as possible, a chair from Yamaha or Fender is one way to go. They are very important names in the guitar industry, and they are the most likely to know exactly what consumers want. The chairs they have crafted are built specifically for guitar players, adding that special touch some might be looking for.

More generic, multi-use chairs will also have some well-known names associated with them. Always read reviews before making a purchase, because that will usually allow a person to see if there is any other musicians using a chair like this for a specific purpose. If other people are using it for this reason, it is likely going to do a very good job filling in.

How much does a guitar stool cost?

A guitar stool, generally speaking, is going to be a little less than a chair. It simply comes down to not needing as much material to manufacture it. They are usually lighter weight, and can fold up rather easily as well.

A good stool is going to cost around $50, but there are some bargain options around $30 or $40. It’s not really worth it to go cheaper than that, because most of the chairs are going to be subpar, forcing a person to purchase a replacement soon after.

What is the best size chair for playing the guitar?

The chair needs to be big enough that a person can sit comfortably in it, but nobody wants to have a chair with a deep seat. That is because more often than not, it can do more harm than good. Those chairs are good for comfort and rest, but playing the guitar is a very active thing to do. It does not provide the right type of seating to benefit a guitar player.

Any chair with high armrest should also be avoided if at all possible. Both hands and arms are moving while playing the guitar, and there is no reason to be restricted at any point. A lot of computer chairs have armrests, which mostly get in the way when trying to play the guitar.

Going with a chair that is too small is just not going to provide the same amount of support a person might be looking for. There is something to be said to having a very minimalistic chair, but don’t overdo it too much. The chair should be very stable, or a person might mess up playing the guitar because they are too worried about how they are sitting in their chair.

Does standing while playing the guitar impede playing in relation to sitting?

There have been a lot of debates surrounding whether or not it makes more sense to play a guitar standing up, or sitting down. While there are a lot of musicians who are firmly on one side or the other, both are acceptable options.

A guitar player who is standing up is usually more alert, and they also have a wider range of motion. This can come in handy during very intricate songs. It’s easier to move the guitar around to see the hand placement, which allows a person to understand exactly where they currently are resting.

As for guitar players who like to sit down, it’s much easier on the body. Even seasoned guitar players are going to find it very difficult to practice guitar standing up for hours at a time. Usually, they have to take a rest, while a guitar player sitting down will be able to practice more consistently.

It is much easier to play in a lazy way when sitting down, which is why some people avoid it altogether. It’s also not a very good way to perform, unless it is a very intimate setting. Most performances are done standing up and moving around to engage with the crowd.

Is buying a guitar chair necessary?

Since a chair is pretty inexpensive, it makes sense for a lot of the top players to own one. It doesn’t have to be used all the time, but it is always nice to have options. Sometimes, after a rough day of work, playing the guitar sitting down just makes a lot of sense.

Don’t be afraid to make the investment just to have a chair for other options as well. There is always a use for a simple chair at a home. It can be used while playing other musical instruments, or even to help out with extra seating when company is over.

If the budget allows it, a chair for playing the guitar in will last longer than a lot of other investments guitar players make.



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