Waynes World III b/w Godfather IV

Rock music with no excuses. After a clutch of 7”‘s the band moves on to the big 12” format. Sounding like a friggin’ locomotive of stale beer with paint chips under the nails coming straight for your E-Z chair. You are knocked clear across the room with some ringing in your ears. In year head rebounds a pelvic grunt with flavors of dirty rock superheros like: Dwarves, Oblivians, and your blood pumps hard.

White Load is a Providence, RI three piece (guitar/drums/vocals) thats been around the block since 2007. In that time they have drank some of your beer, thrown some mikes and cymbals and likely talked shit about your band. Its probably best this record just barely breaks 20 minutes, because if it did it would be like them playing two shows. Seek this out if you feel high-test roid-burned rock is still important to you, otherwise proceed with your plan and listened to the latest beardo rockers give you a strum job.

Song: Less Life