Trash as Trophy

When you are done picking the paper wrappers and banana peels from your hair, what really are you left with? I mean, really, what next? Providence, RI’s Tinsel Teeth have been slogging dildos and stage blood at basements and small stages for several years…providing real alternatives to quiet nights by the fire. Their brand of wiry songsmithery is sure to embarass those with weak kidneys and delicate sensibilities, but, for the rest of us, this will provide some proof that life is not quite over, and there are others looking to spoil the cultural soup. Adult topics for times of missing children. Milk cartons featuring pictures of missing middle fingers.

The band has toured the East Coast and is branching out more tours with similar mud wrestlers. Come on out, drink some suds, let down your hair and join the show that never ends.

Song: Stock Footage of Stuntmen