I’ve Visited the Island of Jocks and Jazz

The Hospitals are

Adam Stonehouse- Drums, Singing

Ned Meiners- Guitars

After completely destroying music, San Francisco’s the Hospitals have arrived with their second record. The record’s got plenty of the “recorded inside of a closet inside of a basement” sounds of the last record, but with an extra helping of “what the fuck”. At the same time, its got hooks as big as an oil well fire burning bright.

On a 12″ single released a few months ago the Hospitals went and did some covers… and this may give you an idea of what to expect: HARRY PUSSY, the HOMOSEXUALS, the WHO. The Hospitals are a three piece with drums and two guitars… Vocals ping pong in all manners like a drug holiday weekend.

Chris Woodhouse, who produced the Hospitals first single and the last few A-FRAMES records, recorded the shit out of this one. This record is like a piece of rubber vomit, hued in all the colors of the rainbow. Look into the speaker while the Hospitals play and understand the TRUTH!

The artwork on this record is guaranteed to make your eyeballs need flushing in the rinse station. More flouresence than a pile of dead ravers after an Orb show.

Song: Rich People