Half Control

Archival 2001 recordings from Providence RI’s finest square peg, SIX FINGER SATELLITE. Half Control veers sharply away from the kraut stylings of 1998’s Law of Ruins record. This lineup is completely hotwired this time out. The band at this point is a bastardly other brother, including Providence’s own LANDED’s most regular rhythm section grafted onto SIX FINGER SATELLITE singer, J Ryan and drummer, RICK PELLETIER. The band has two new members at this point and was punching full throttle on a punkoid blow-up doll set full speed to FUKKK. Peek in the hole and watch.

These recordings were laid down in 2001 and remixed in 2008. A new SIX FINGER SATELLITE is now in effect. The new band has evolved yet again and has a new rhythm section. Its up to you to review this rare snapshot of a band in full headbang whiplash fully firing on all its primal instincts. I say get your hands off the mouse and get ready – the time has come today

Song: Half Control

Six Finger Satellite – Clone Theory

Clone Theory

This record is a standout in the records of Six Finger Satellite as it takes a dance tone. Some darkstep dances fer sure, but think Chrome, Deutsch Amerikan Friendschaft and you might start to get the idea. The sort of stuff that has bubbled under the surface in Providence thanks to the direction these patriots unleashed.

The band has been around since 1989, has had 3 Ep’s, three albums, a 10″, and lots of 7″‘s but has waited for this release to do their robot pumped anglo angular damage. In steps Load Records, with an ear to the dance heavy sounds of the street. Next thing you know the records out, the charts are lighting up with the Teutonic dance fury of Six Finger Satellite.

This record was recorded at the mega-deluxe studio, the Parlour, in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. It was recorded between February and March of 1996 after their Paranormalized was recorded for the mega North Western label, Sub Pop.