New, High & Ord

Los Angeles based Silver Daggers are a streamlined bullet to the brain from a unusually shaped pistol. Using wiry templates of songs perfected by anarcho masters such as the DOG FACED HERMANANS, and adding saxaphone fury and gutteral guitar scrape – a new rock language emerges. With a new creep vibe running through the deserted subway tunnels of Los Angeles and emptying into ground zero center stages like the SMELL and IL CORAL. SILVER DAGGERS generate new sparks and suck you, the listener, into the tiny foam headphones.

Past singles on labels like Not Not Fun have sketched out a song based vision of agit pop of remarkable power. For a young band they have acquired a deadly precision. Indeed as a five piece band they operate as a single muscle. Its very apparent they have opened the crypt and found the secret that culture vultures will stare at like apes figuring out black rocks in the middle of large cultural deserts. Future sound just in time for a culture caught in caustic feedback loops.

Gary Panter did the artwork, and as evidenced by recent artwork he has done for YO LA TENGO, and much older work from Los Angeles freak punks the SCREAMERS, he has given eye candy a retainal blast of insulin shock.

Recording on this record was done at the Distillery where classics by the BLACK LIPS and LIGHTNING BOLT have been laid down. The result for the SILVER DAGGERS is a stunning work of hi-fi song fuckery that infects the brain like simian fever hoping from cage to cage. When all the buildings fall, and civilization is pushing shopping carts full of junked technology, the only thing of value on this lonely ball of dirt will be this record. Heed my words.

Song: Joy