Küss mich, meine Liebe

Eight sprawling sonic puddles of Gibby’s spittoon soaked puddle juice emerge from the hot flaps of England’s Shit and Shine. Combining a dense percussive chug and a megaphoned fart helmet the band emerges with a sound closest to the neck ache of powerful metallic headbang and the distorted totality of cheap speaker decay. A sound at the crossroads that is sure to arouse the trousers and bra straps of choosy snoozers buying out sounds and catchy crotch nuggets.

Kuss Shit and Shine employs members with resumes in music outfits such as Todd and
Hammerhead so rest assured they are fit to clean the crocks in your kamp kitchen. The band
has several records out on distinguished record labels such as Riot Season, Rough Trade, Conspiracy and now US-based ska-core label, Load Records.

The band has been known to employ up to 16 separate drummers and 12 feet of vertical bass amplification, so they are no strangers to erecting long standing brown waves of sound known to induce wild ass humpery and free standing grope-a-thons. You, dear listener, are powerless in this onslaught of bass boomed rock totality. Put your toe into this warm hot tub and grab a drink, we’re all friends here dancing to the same distorted thump.

Song: Side of the Road