Pleasure Ground

As the dust settles and your tinnitus roars back to life, you wonder about PRURIENT. Last year’s blast on Load, Black Vase (LOAD 072) went for the jugular from the git go with sporadic percussion and piercing square toned filthy noise. Doubly effective and as nuanced as every boomer in a cluster bomb casing, Pleasure Ground takes this conceit much further in its leather-fisted quest for power.

This time out, Pleasure Ground oozes with a new shade of grey from the krayon set. A new dark waved sensibility takes hold. The seconds after a corpse appears on a riverbank, and the “what the fuck am I gonna do” slips from your lips, the Valhalla horn of Prurient trumpets! This takes the difference between a noise record and a damp doomcast and splits the difference with a hot knife. Brutality has a new form as it mows down school cafeterias full of trench-coated losers to a headphone soundtrack of deadly church organ/orgasmz. Dig In Patriot with earbudz jakked to 10!

Pleasure Ground is originally a double cassette release on Hospital Productions (came with a lock of hair!) and this release takes this micro edition masterwork out of the hands of the lathe cut Ebay Nazis and puts it into, you, the consumer’s, hands (without the hair this time). With this tool, you have the ultimate jam. Blast this as the cannon fire destroys everything around you and rest soundly that the destruction is mutually assured.

Black Vase

Like a dense fog drifting over your village, Prurient has come to fuck you up. Dominick Fernow is PRURIENT. He attacks large amplifiers, shirtless, with two microphones swirling into the invisible electro-magentic fields around the amps and makes tubes burst, capacitors swell, and fuses burn. Black Vase is a null transmission, from a shirtless terrorist deep in the zone. The total effect: like a bullet lodged deep in your consciousness . . . too dangerous to remove. The sound is dynamic, not a blurring fuzz, but a symphony of sickness so grand the gods themselves have taken note.

Prurient has done a lot of high profiled tours and collaborations with some of the world�s avant-noise set including MACRONYMPHA, EMIL BEAULIEAU, THURSTON MOORE. This is a record Dom calls his masterwork of harshness – a double LP (limited to 750 copies) that features drums in addition to the wailing subsonic shit fest.

Prurient will be touring with Sub Pop’s WOLF EYES in the US September of 2005, and with EMIL BEAULIEAU and CAN’T in the UK in August. Prurient is literally the only one man qualified for this Dungeon Mastery.

Song: Silent Mary