bareskin rug

Load is proud to present the first full length CD by Pleasurehorse. In the past Load has worked with Pleasurehorse on the DROPDEAD Deconstructed 12″ and a split 12″ with Mystery Brinkman (Forcefield). Pleasurehorse also has a release on respected electronic label, History of the Future, home to other weirdos like Venetian Snares. Other records on Vermiform.

Jarring sounds emit from the eight foot-high bass stack. Pleasurehorse slams into your ears with the velocity of DJ Scud, the bling of Timbaland, and the amplifiers of Slayer. Yet another convincing argument that a dangerous and virulent form of life was started in Providence, Rhode Island that will hopefully pollute this dirty ball of fluff known as Earth.

This is not a studio project. No, no. This is a sweaty one-man live force that will moisten your underwear and require aspirin….all at once. Maybe cough syrup too.

This winter Pleasurehorse will tour. Get ready. Past shows with Black Dice, EC8OR and Trans Am have resulted in some “peanut butter and fluff” type situations, if you know what I mean.

This does not live in the electronic music ghetto, but lives more in the gated communities of HI-NRG that today’s panic-rock scene resides. Pleasurehorse is not a laptop operator/technician, he is armed with a gameboy controller, eight tracks, samplers, stompboxes, used boxes of Tic Tacs and sweat socks. He plays, no email checking glitch bullshit here – guaranteed. Pleasurehorse teeters over his gear like a World Trade Center jumper.

Pleasurehorse takes his cues from the playa world of today’s hip hop artists like Lil’ Wayne, the Clipse, Cash Money… Similar in spirit to the Tigerbeat 6 aesthetic but much more free to raise a dust cloud of audio stench. The stance is there, but the samples are not. BAD ASS and ALL NEW!

Song: Silicone Tit