Croce Via

A darker slant than their previous full length, OvO’s guitars scrape & drums pound but the organic crunch & high fidelity of this release will convince you that this is music taken further & harder. An avant masterpiece, it takes cues from the tar covered hordes wearing jean jackets & introduces a very natural middle finger of wigginess. Stefania Pendretti’s vocals soar for the sky & rest like a golden piece of corn in the steaming morass of dunt. Guitar undulates like a wriggling eel, with Bruno Dorella’s drums providing crunching headburn.

Song: Ostkreuz

OvO – Miastenia


Milan, Italy’s Ovo are a two piece using guitar/violin cellos and drums that dump a toxic sludge with an unmistakable butterscotch scent. This sludge is in line with contemperous doom salesmen such as BORIS and the MELVINS, with the addition of vox stylings that take this record to a new place entirely. The sounds coming from Stephania Pedretti’s mouth as she sings go from lullaby sweet to terrifyingly raw in short intervals. Instrumentation on this platter is diverse, with guitars, bass, drums being added to the mix as well as music store stand-by’s like harmonica, piano, and cello.

Song: Mammut