What Is True and What is False

Flipper damaged, bass bin-busting badd-assery. You really need this one. Awesome orange vinyl.

Ugly bass and skull splitting drums broken up by songs of corner prostitutes, foreign language radio, and Burger King freebie toys. Kinda like the retard bus in a head-on with a pimpmobile full of cocaine. Retards stumbling around jacked on coke. Mean, confused, and horny, clogging the intersections and humping fire hydrants. Screaming and angry … lustful and confusing … with the booming bass tubes from a wrecked and pimped-out Caddy spitting out rude bearded bass and double-jointed booty drums.

The sounds coming from your speakers are a freaky collision between avant-hard sounds similar to past offenders like Flipper. Its got a dub-styled recording with plenty of spring loaded reverb. Drums echo, voices spiral off into the soupy ether. Not soft la-la-la voices, but a bark screaming about hookers on the corner.

The band on this recording is a three piece:

Dan St. Jacques – Bass
Jon Von Ryan – Vocals
Adam Autry – Drums

Dan St. Jacques (bass) is in Landed (Vermiform, Load) as well as having been in Load Records band, thee Hydrogen Terrors. Adam Autry plays in Pixeltan (Troubleman). Jon Von Ryan has a solo CD on Load “Organs Vs. Furniture”. Check all this shit out. It drips quality.

Song: Immigrant Radio

Olneyville Sound System – Because We’re All in this Together

Because We’re All in this Together
This band consists of:

Roma – Harmonica
Adam – Drums
Dan St. Jacques – Bass
Jon Von Ryan – Sings
A supergroup of sorts. They cast a long shadow with this CD. Nothing fancy on this one. Sub fuzz bass, super simple drums, harmonica, and boasting and toasting courtesy of John Von Ryan.

Sure this documents a truly incestuous group of musicians, but this CD will hand you your ass on a platter long after your flavor-of-the-month rock combo goes searching for a new way to “rock out”.

Look at the live shots from these dirtbags, this ain’t the blues, this is a full frontal attack with butt shaking power.

One of a seemingly endless bass and drums groups in Providence, they have forged an anti-blues sound that is both harsh and likeable. Defintly rocks, and yes it got those weird angles you expect from a Load release. Urban frustration and paranoia pulse through the songs like blood on the way to a brain hemorrhage.

Song: Dynamite