Dangerous dirge blasts out of the tail pipe of Norway’s ghost rider band Noxagt’s third and self titled record. Gone is the Nil’s Erga’s viola that led the chariot races on the last two NOXAGT records on LOAD, replaced with Anders Hana (of ULTRALYD) on spring loaded guitar. Where as the past two records flung tarballs at the idea of hard rock in the 21st century, this third record crawls from the ooze with a determined and wiry intent to bring you to your knees with stark riff power and bludgeoning rhythmic density.

This is Noxagt’s strangest turn from instrumental sludge helmeted Vikings to staple jointed snake running dunt rock doctors. Fans of past records will find a lot to wrap their brows around with this record, and new fans will take note of the wiry riffs emitting from this Norse carriage.

Past titles have picked up fans in many of the musik camps of the 21st century world village including: jean jacketed metal hordes, ripped sweater wearing art fucks, and regular bricklayers like you. Be one of the many, be one of the proud ­ but do not miss this bus.

Song: Walls End

Noxagt – Iron Point

Iron Point
Norwegian three piece NOXAGT come at you with record #2. Bass, drums and viola configured for maximum damage to ear canals. After wowing audiences on their October 2003 US tour, they unleash a monster studio recording that has an amazing diversity of sounds. This record swings hard my friends, rocks like a demon and has some majestic dynamics. “The Iron Point” even has Nils Erga’s (Noxagt’s viola player) octogenarian grandfather singing on one track!

NOXAGT is for fans of hard rock and swinging unconventional riffage, dirty crawl such as the MELVINS, and single minded pummel like label-mates/touring partners LIGHTNING BOLT.

BILLY ANDERSON (SLEEP, MELVINS) produced this slab with an eye for skull- burning bass crunk, artery bursting drum hits, and full spectrum viola rake.

The LP will feature deluxe gatefold action with a scenic picture so lush you can travel inside with your mind.

Song: The Hebbex

Noxagt – Turning It Down Since 2001

Turning It Down Since 2001
Hailing from Norway, Noxagt have come to burn your dirty soul. Three piece in the bass, viola, and drums format. This record is heavier than all the weight Richard Simmons lost before becoming the annoying skinny man he is. Produced by BILLY ANDERSON (SLEEP, HIGH ON FIRE, NEUROSIS), this record is a pummeling masterpiece. Songs that breathe through their mouth very loudly. Noxagt is at the forefront of the Nor-Wave movement that takes cues from the American wrecking units like LIGHTNING BOLT and PINK AND BROWN and adds a distinctly Norwegian heavy slant.

Noxagt member Kjetil D Brandsdal has numerous records out on Ecstatic Peace and Corpus Hermeticum and was recently profiled in the Wire.

Song: Cupid Shot Me