Neon Hunk is:

Mothmaster —> Lead Synthesizer and Vocal
Mossmaster —> Drums and Modular Electronics and Vocal

Uni-browed Casio ‘n drums-fueled spasms from this Milwaukee duo. 17 blasts of thrash-level pixie-stick mayhem focusing on the universe of NEON HUNK.

With a sound that has the scrappy energy of Load artists like LIGHTNING BOLT teamed up with the almighty 180 beats-per-minute (BPM) chutzpah of MELT BANANA, this release will have you surfing on your coffee table.

Neon Hunk has been described like this:

“An assault on the senses, this is like Pokemon grind or something, so cute it’s disgusting, so disgusting, it’s cute…”

“A drummer clad only in a neon-colored zebra-stripe face mask and pair of tighty-whiteys pounded out a series of jerky beats, while the similarly masked but more modestly clad keyboardist stabbed single-finger death-ray riffs and yelped vocals that sounded like a kidnap victim chewing her way through a gag.”

“They’re terribly adorable for a noise band.”

Neon Hunk formed in July of 1999 under the name “AbraCadaver,” but in April of 2001, due to various name conflicts and similarities, the name was changed to “Neon Hunk.”

Song: Nugglies