Rooting for the Microbe

From the sooty corridors of the rusted out skeleton of Baltimore, NAUTICAL ALMANAC has taken the urban crack of electronic halftime entertainment and dragged it squarely into the times of horse and buggies. As the band clearly states no electricity or computers was used in the music making process.

The sounds generated are from machines specifically built for the recording process or from real lab experience. Custom equipment made of weird alloys of plastic, leather, wire, and rubber. Longtime collaborators CARLY PTAK and TWIG HARPER worked on this record along with 10 other guests from wall-to-wall of this saggy country: FORCEFIELD, Ppaperrad and COSTES associates were all involved.

NAUTICAL ALMANAC has records on HERESSEE and is an integral part of much of the MidWest noise scene. Wanna understand the throb of shirtless noise boys and girls in Michigan, Kentucky, and Ohio and elsewhere? Climb onto this Crisco-coated locomotive and get the real deal of steel. Answers not included and sound not found.

NAUTICAL ALMANAC have toured extensively, and the summer of 2003 saw the band undertake a 2 1/2 month tour of the United States.

Song: Widdeling the Relex Fiddle