Split Series #1

You may know Mr. (E) Brinkman from his first band, Forcefield, a Providence based Residents-styled costumed oscillator unit recently seen in the Whitney Bienniel. Yes, they wear costumes, yes, they play old military radio-corps equipment, and yes they have been around for 7 years. Load released a split 7″ with them and Lightning Bolt in 1995. Long active on the Fort Thunder scene.

Mystery Brinkman lays down some Robotussin laced narco beats. Strange voices, handicapped hip hop, and ATTITUDE my friend. And this is just one half of this dynamite 12″ sizzle platter. Contemporary comparisons are difficult, but trainspotters can namecheck such brandnames as Panacea, EC8OR, or Amps for Christ. Definitely not for inexperienced dance floors.