Trueno Oscuro

Guitar drums and electronics lock together into a frightening miasma. Monotract have recorded a record so unreal that it warps reality unto itself. Their 2006 record on Ecstatic Peace, xprmntl lvrs, hinted at the form destruction that this record delivers in fucking spades. Songs exist as pure sine wave terror, like long taffy pulled by tractors miles apart. Nancy Garcia weaves a Spanglish tale of alluring fatality while Roger Rimada hits the drums that bubble under black hooded electronic oscillations emitted by Carlos Giffoni. Light bulbs explode, couch cushions swell, and nipples get hard. This is the new method, with new tools.

Monotract has existed since at least 1998 and has tons of other releases with three other full lengths as well as live records, tapes and 7 inches. They have moved all over the Eastern US seaboard from Miami to their current base in New York. Band member Carlos Giffoni is astoundingly active, booking the NO FUN FEST (LOAD 087 Fun From None: No Fun Fest 2004/2005), a yearly summit of the best minds of the current noise scene, held in New York.