Its Always 1999

Robo generated psychic booty pulse coupled with metro scrambled drumstick action. Battle station personnel on this disc includes Brian Chippendale of LIGHTNING BOLT and MEERK PUFFY of FORCEFIELD. The duo have oscillators working overtime in the psychic war deck and gabba friendly drums. This CD is a re-release of a barely available record from the Ooo Mau Mau record label from 2001. The record was recorded in the halls of FORT THUNDER, a deserted cultural bunker/state of the art Dunkin Donuts in Providence, RI. The record has been re-mastered for loudness and delicacy, so pay heed.

The sounds on this record are the hustle and bustle of bass-bin boom on the space throughways of the Milky Way circa 3167 A.D. Slowed beats with the force of tree roots hitting supertanker hulls. Vast radio dish networks with squelch and pulse tremors using solar systems as tweeters and white dwarfs as shredded woofers. Your head is caving in, your eyes are melting. Time is space and colors are sound. All is brown, hail the ramparts, to the battle stations!