Waiting for Armadillo

Clipped and chopped radio beamings from a Middle American bunker, METALUX bring a rodeo of galactic proportions home to your speakers. M.V. CÄRBON and J. GRAF play a dual synth/tape soundtrack to an uneasy nation. The vibe is dark and alien and the recording on this record is top-notch. Crazy voices and spectacle mounting live action! Ballpark reference points include CHROME and the RESIDENTS in the same thought as Chicago form shapers from the early 90’s MILK OF BURGUNDY scene like DUOTRON, SCISSOR GIRLS et al.

Both members were in the now defunct BRIDE OF NO NO, a fixture of Chicago uneasy culture. TWIG HARPER of NAUTICAL ALMANAC, occasionally records with METALUX and contributed 4 tracks to this record.

Previous records for the band were on HANSON RECORDS, the ground zero for Mid-West noise damage such as KEVIN DRUMM and WOLF EYES and tons more. The band has several self-released records as well.

The METALUX tour with western Massachusetts weirdos FAT WORM OF ERROR and PETER B. in April 2004 caused some ruckus! This tour was kinda like Sherman’s march to the sea in a dune buggy after a keg of Coors Lite.

Song: Airplane