The Very Best Of ….

In the early 1990’s, the independent/DIY music world was a very serious place. Enter MEN’S RECOVERY PROJECT, intent on pulling the pants down and spoiling the soup of all that was well and good. When no one wanted guitars to sound like puking pigs, they did it … when synthesizers were being thrown out and ridiculed, they dressed up like Patrick Henry and ate them. The world was retarded and they were the geniuses.

This double LP counterpart to the Kill Rock Star’s CD (same track listing) assembles the best moments of MRP from their full lengths, split releases, compilation appearances, and 7″ tracks to give a much needed telling of the story of this essential band. For references you might want to check off CHROME, RESIDENTS, and similar jolly ranchers.

Members of Men’s Recovery Project have included personnel from the WRANGLER BRUTES, the LOCUST, THRONES, LE TIGRE, SIX FINGER SATELLITE and many more… In the last decade, Men’s Recovery Project have released over 200 songs on thirteen records and have toured seven times across the lower 48, Alaska and Japan.

Features songs from the long rumoured “Night Pirate” record!

Climb on board sailor, you know you want it!

Men’s Recovery Project – Bolides Over Basra

Bolides Over Basra
Load Records is proud to present the release of “Bolides Over Basra” by Men’s Recovery Project. Three years in the making, this is the band’s eleventh release and their first LP. MRP founders Neil Burke and Sam McPheeters are joined by Six Finger Satellite’s Jay Ryan and Rick Pelleteir. Fourteen songs of the Middle East, touching on: water use negotiations, illegal detention, deception and loss, airport security, North African cuisine, missing merchandise, Persian nightlife, assassination ennui, secret monkey auctions, depression and denial, general wretchedness, shit and filth, public leprosy and advanced clap.

Song: Sephardic Secrets