How Little Will It Take

Landed as a band have been around since 1996 as I recall based in the sleepy berg of Providence in a backwater state called Rhode Island. The first shows were an amorphous blob of improv-based splatter that had a lot of confusion built into the engine. The band had no problem working a set out in the days preceding a show, so no two shows were alike musically. Sure there are Landed shows and records of legend, with flaming lead singers, men auto-fellating themselves, and roosters in cages. The music always held up, and was a sure-fire spectacle. Landed as a band survives to this day making some sense of all this.

This here paragraph’s goal is to try to tie this outfit’s legacy into some sort of coherence. On this release you get some compilation tracks, some new chapters in the band’s history (the band has mutated into a breakcore booty crew with a mush mouthed grape ape singing!), a re-release of the recently released (LOAD 093) ÒTime I DespiseÓ 12Ó, a 7 inch track and some sundry live material. Altogether a recommended affair for those looking at doing a little post graduate work on late 20th/early 21st century free range roving garbage rock of the highest order. Yes, they were contemporaries of many bands in Providence like LIGHTNING BOLT, ARAB ON RADAR, and SIX FINGER SATELLITE. Consider this a fair warning for those burned by the safety of current independent music… it can still make your jaw drop and make you scared without resorting to tired metallic references to SATAN. Make way for the new boss.

Song: Us vs. Them and You

Landed – Things I Despise

Things I Despise
Website only 12″ to coincide with the reawakening of this longtime Providence band after a hibernation of some odd years. Mush mouthed blabber backed up by underwater cold filtered mud cannons. Songs tell adult themed tales not safe for work, rest or play. Members of this band are/have been in Olneyville Sound System, Pleasurehorse, Chinese Stars, Six Finger Satellite…. etc.

Guitar, bass and drums never sounded so silly. Like changing a tire on the space shuttle, this had to be done.

Song: Longest Winter