Hallucination Guillotine/Final Worship

One-man organic sturm and scowl with this fourth record for LOAD. Following 2006’s “Peace Trials” blend of campfire informed Wilheim Reich downer crunch and burn, this new release journeys into deeper tunnels of solid frozen anthracite. While definitely part of the contemporary American noise scene, KITES (Chris Forgues) blends percussive chug and homemade sine wave generation into a dynamic somewhere in between early 80’s electro schoolyard loiterers THROBBING GRISTLE and Sheffield’s CABARET VOLTAIRE.

Where “Peace Trials” took the song form to an almost confusing and happy place, songs on the new record feature a colder tone. Gone are the stringed instruments of the last record, replaced with more home constructed oscillation batteries. Disembodied voices ping-pong from speaker to speaker, dry percussive chatter fills the headphone foam and you are prisoner in a room you can never leave.

Song: Final Worship

Kites – Peace Trials

Peace Trials
Kites returns with his other-world exotic-isms generated by home built circuit boards and strummed strings. Songs on this fucker are creepy dungeon wails, pumped up. Comparisons to Amps for Christ are not out of league. Features a duet with Erin Rosenthal of URDOG.

Song: Something About America

Kites – Royal Paint…

Royal Paint with the Metallic Gardener …
Hyper real poundings for the short bus from this one man electrical system operator. Simple songs taken to the edge of the cliff. Really simple songs – a virtual Casey Kasem Top Ten within one CD …. buried deep within a blanket.

KITES has toured the netherworld of the Middle West of the United States of America and put out a shingle that few can deny. It may look like a man fighting a machine, but the battle is for your mind!

Shows with NEON HUNK, MINDFLAYER and the HAIR POLICE have resulted in unsupervised surgery and caused at least three (3) Amber Alerts. Join now for chewy choogle.

Song: Big Ponytail

Load split series 2

Hidden Family
Another jammed-elevator mismatch between two of Providence, RI’s hottest pedal jackers and circuit board melters.

KITES has a record on LOAD already and his side of the split evokes a crunchy square toned melodic flair with organic almost organ-fueled Disneyland melodies. These are the rockers.

PRURIENT is another Providence-based sound artist doing low toned rumble jammed up against cassette culture screech. Live shows are a blur of power and volume. PRURIENT has releases on GROUND FAULT recordings and is one of the artists on the RRR RECORDS Boxset NEW England. Yes the cream of the noise crop. This record is a bit more subdued in all out attack and more drenched in total murk-o-phonic atmosphere. Percussive chug and downer vibes!