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Like a cement mixer slowly filling the room as you read this web page, KHANATE belches another discharge of lung stopping power. Not happy music, but TOTAL music. Even more sparse than their first record on Southern Lord, this boils doom down to the individual atoms. Slow and deliberate, it paints the room the room in coal dust choking all in its path. Necessary and essential for those picking up the pieces from similarly minded projects from sludge captains like the MELVINS, EARTH and BORIS. Buy this and live forever with the knowledge of the gods!

This is the vinyl version of the new CD out on Southern Lord. This vinyl version features an exclusive song as well as packaging that will make other records grow feet and run from the record store in fear.

Khanate – No Joy / Dead

No Joy / Dead

Its been said about KHANATE before that “slow is the new loud” (Julian Cope actually). This being true, Khanate’s sound is a deafening roar. A small nuclear bomb in the swimming pool as you sip an ice tea. Take the brutal slow dynamics of EYEHATEGOD or EARTH and add a chilly macabre menace and then you have a good start on where this record will leave you. Members in the band are in bands such as BURNING WITCH, SUNN O)))), ATOMSMASHER, SCORN, OLD and BLIND IDIOT GOD.

This record is a remix 12″ record, though not in the usual sense bandied about by skinny tie wearing fools. The 12″ remix adds some thick squall to a song, “No Joy” off their first record (SOUTHERN LORD). It comes off as a dense and oppressive crush that fits comfortably into the post-nuclear universe of the LOAD RECORDS sound, but also into the afterworld metallic funhouse of KHANATE. James Plotkin administers mixes on both sides. The song on the second side, “Dead” is from the same session as the recording for the new record due this year on SOUTHERN LORD. You are barely ready.