The most extravagant and primal recording to come out this year (or most any year really) belongs to this Providence duo. With a pop sensibility that evokes popular unit shifters, this self assured classic has lodged a Suicide pill deep into the craw of good taste.

Eight expertly assembled songs span NC-17/XXX topics such as (but not limited to) bathroom safety, ballroom danger, and floorboard secrets. Adults are moving about the room you see, wearing elements of control and dressed to excess. Heels are pointy and legging is sheer, so prove it in the interzone set up in the woofer thrust of Humanbeast.

Yes, the album title is “Venus Ejaculates into the Banquet”, though this album is not a muffled power electronics record, but rather a dark electronic pop classic with with crunchy beats and squealing synth cackle. If you are ready to take the journey and listen to this masterpiece, this record will shatter your life. The time for action is now, DO IT.

Song: Chandelier