En La Sombra Del Pàjaro Velludo

Five unholy speaker cone movers from Finland (Helsinki and Tampere) choke up a hairball of churning sax driven maelstrom. In between the notes, crinkle-cut sound sax spuzz links rude-itude of the highest order. Fans of Finnish campfire/industrial act AVARUS take note, as the same disconnected fuckery pulses through this disc with enough extra forward thrust to kick start your fart.

This disc comes recommended for fans of jazz punk like the FLYING LUTTENBACHERS as well as stumble royalty like FAT WORM OF ERROR. Not just blind free jizz blowjobbery, but roid raged thuggery – click here for an unbelievable taste sensations!

Other discs on Jelle Crama’s new label have cemented their songs in the waiting room of forever. The band describes their sound as ‘Perez Prado at the gates of Hell’, and who am I to argue?