Wake Up and Smell the Piss

Some wacked and cracked choogle from these damaged beat kings. Sounding like the outhouse children of Bushwick Bill and Gibby Haynes, the Hawd Gankstah Rappah’s MC’s (wid gahtz), we’ll call them HGR for short, mix up some demented rhymes, skits and beats for Load Records.

Like you always hoped it brings the downtown diaper humor you’ve grown up with some urban smells to cook up some of the most original sounds hip hop has heard. This is not old school, this is not big pimpin’, this is an unholy trailer park marriage. Flybot van Damme, Duke Crapmore, and Guy Albino are the three troublemakers on this release…. With beats so big they will give you a headache. Primitive loops, lo-fi recording, ridiculous fake voices, and lots and lots of skits! This is the shit. Don’t be an idiot – buy several.

Song: Reptile House