Bulks Up

Two piece casio/guitar spazz core unit. Started in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Some people say they sound like they’ve eaten too much sugar. Definitly some wafer thin guitar damage pushes this release into a real head burn, but the Casio is wooshing and zooming some heavy sonics. Sounding like all the cages in the zoo in heat and triple horny. Like Big Black with more poop jokes.

The band played live a lot after having started in 1995. Playing with Bunnybrains, Magnetic Fields (ew, gross), Atom and His Package, and tens of others. This was not a studio project buddy, but a sweaty human thing done in front of smelly show goers. It wasn’t Springsteen mind you, but more of a Devo if you know what I mean.

18 songs in 22 minutes. Great songs, with titles like “Soaring Poop”, “Shark Bite”, and “Robert Parish”, there’s plenty of laugh riots happening. Really it blows me away how catchy this stuff really is.

Fort Thunder assembled the amazing CD’s that have a secret mini-poster as well as swank foldout-ability. Acres of wall space taken up by these lookers. You’re the smartest one around when you buy this one. And you look good too.

The band comes out of the whole axis of bands related to Fat Day, such as Chikita and the Pissed Officers. Fat Day continues to this day bringing spastic no rules music to backpack wearing hardcore kiddies. The last show Fat Day played (Friday August 12,2000) here in Providence they had synthesizer helmets. That and their chaos choogle really threw it down for the kids.

Song: Robert Parrish