Byzantine Headache

Los Angeles-based GANG WIZARD play an unholy gumbo of out-fried rock that draws from fluff between such couch cushions as the more stumblin’ side of the ROYAL TRUX and the jazzercize neck of neck of sonic explorers like the RAMLEH/DEAD C klan. Its truly a group effort as 13 members appear on this release utilizing every weapon in the war chest … from guitars, snyths and vocal pipes onwards. Truly the sound of levitation.

The band has three previous records on Ecstatic Peace, and its members have been in too many bands to mention: THE HOSPITALS, KEVIN SHIELDS… the list goes on. Labels as diverse as DEATHBOMB ARC, WEIRD FORST, IN THE RED have all played home to these members projects.

In short, if you crave the out sound, this record will burrow its way into your routine. Its the sound of life… in all its shitty glory. Blowing loud, proud and straight through. Get it while you still are alive. Waiting could be your biggest mistake.

Song:Another Misplayed Endgame