Ron Pistos Real World

Essential reissue of the 1983 classic by Melbourne, Australia’s Fungus Brains. The record was recorded while the band was very young and captures a freeze dried moment that many liken to a 1000 yard stare at a beat up copy of Elektra Record’s (EKS 7407) recording artists The Stooges 1970 release “Fun House”. While it does feature a horn and unbridled guitar heaviosity, it also sounds current with other Australian records of the time from bands like the Birthday Party. File this next to Mick Turner’s other band’s the Sick Things and Venom P. Stinger. This record recieved recognition in both Forced Exposure and Touch and Go magazines at the time.Fungus Brains has two other full length recordings. Only approach if you like rock music and hallucinatory free range sounds.

Lineup on this recording: Simon Adams: bass, Peter Maddick: Trumpet, Geoff mark: vocals/sax, Simon Sleigh: guitar, Mick Turner: guitar, Andrew Walpole: guitar.

Song: Hairbrush