Recently Forcefield was selected for the 2002 Whitney Biennial. What happened at the Whitney show was astonishing …. A room was filled with almost 60 gurgling, snorting, caped, swaddled guys with names like Little Gnome, Uncle Jobi Jobi, and Moon Varmit. People were floored… it was a Fort Thunder room faxed to a New York City location. This CD is the audio document for the Whitney show. Sounds contained here include blatant ethnic transplantations, confusing forays into arm and leg night-time movement in dance clubs, maintenance of appliances of an archaic military origin, and noisy scramble of between-channel patter.

Head-to-toe in knit suits. Warm weather or cold. Forcefield are dressed to impress. Since 1996, this collective has thoroughly confused a nation intent on filling the cultural Port-a-John with more krap. This collection features some massive throb, alien tongues, and live chambience.

Forcefield originally started as a two piece in 1995. Membership has swelled to four members: Meerk Puffy, Gorgon Radio, Patootie Lobe, and Le Geef. Members play oscillators, primitive drum machines, air drums, and fog horns. Crunchy calisthenics are the order the order of the day. Shows are marked by a throbbing mess of sludge chants cemented to the rules of dance-ocracy. Stay still at a Forcefield show and suffer ridicule. Nothing beats dancing to four knit-suit coated human popsicles. Nothing.

Shallow club-goers in NYC can’t get enough of this music. Sure, you’ll hear post-bullshit terms like electro-clash tossed around anything electronic nowadays, but this release will expose the “Totally 80’s” revival to a blast of fantasy based brain damage that will advance culture thousands of years. Are you ready for the future?

Photography on this CD release is lush. You will want to climb into this strange land. Load Records advises you against this choice. Load Records suggests you DANCE or you will be issued a ticket for parking on the dance floor. GET MOVING!

Song: Schmoos Bass Slow

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