Saddle Up

Tri-coastal FNU Ronnies have been burning the long one on this platter, emerging with a masterpiece of sealed plastic heavy on heady froth. Helium bong-hit informed string damage slathers galloping Naugahyde bass with Maxwell House coffee can drum rolls to make an all-you-can-eat buffet of fried amplified goodness. Thus far the band has a 7” out on Richie Records as well as an LP on Night People – this record ups the ante with a golden stream of genius to your soft head.

For those that demand rock fury it is here in buckets. The sound on this record is a murky tunnel of punked out alien frequencies with dirty vibes and ideas last talked about at NASA around the time of the last faked moon landing. So if future sounds are where you lay your jammy pack, this record is gonna be playing where you park. Make no mistake this record is a goddamed national treasure, and you would do wise to stock up and build fortification around this chalice of brimming rockulism before someone snatches it.

Song: Sadddle Up