Cum Inside Me Bro

Garbage minded prophetics from this Providence gang of pornographers. Sharing the same broken genetics as Scratch Acid and various OZ sewer crawlers, this band ups the ante by inserting blunt objects up your welcoming hole. Known up and down the East Coast as a wardrobe malfunction away from a felony, the spectacle of their shows has left many tongues mopping the floor. The record truly conveys the whiff of SWAMP, and the songs presented on this platter demand repetition. Such is their insidious nature. Past tapes have earned them acclaim, but this outing sees the band work its magic on a swinging set of songs that will get your butter churning.

This LP features some excellent NSFW pics as well as a gatefold rivaling the nacho gorge of Tres Hombres. You ready to buy a grown up record? I think its about time.

Finished – Slomo Homo from J.X. Williams on Vimeo.