Pregnant Babies Pregnant with Pregnant Babies

Iron Valley’s bedazzled bunch spring forth with a stunner of a record that drones, moans, chortles and squeaks in completely unexpected ways. Beefheart-soaked and strangulated guitar tactics, double mutter drumming, and bass all collide in uncharted territory with hysterical vocal yelps to make this record advance to the head of the class in your record pile. Think of this band in the unlikely company of the real R n’ R Hall of Famers like HALF JAPANESE, THINKING FELLERS LOCAL 182, and similar jokers. Features folks who have been in bands like DEERHOOF and ANGST HASE PFEFFER NASE!

LOAD Records is insisting you listen to this record as it features instrumental diversity with horns, synths, basses, guitars, and all manners of percussion. The songs on this record are not all storm and flash as there are moments of quiet beauty, like a candy bar found in a pair of pants not worn for months. A truly refreshing listen, its got spasm and moan.

Song: Hand of God