Unf! Unf!

A 23 song slam dunk of silly fur covered sausage links emailed to your other brother’s failing hairpiece. FAT DAY has been around for a decade and made some blue-ribbon ultra spazz tunes. Unf! Unf! features 23 songs. Yes Keyboard, yes fast guitar. Screamed voices drift above the crunch of a smoking amplifier with the allure of a Super Bowl hot dog commercial. The band has over ten years expertise in scrambling minds with past musical feats including their much hailed synthesizer mounted helmets tour, their musical-wired trampoline tour, their last record, FAT DAY IV, which had songs written by mail-in ballot from fans and various live appearances in full Viking outfits. The band has released 6 7″ records and 4 full length albums in their existence and has confused slam dancers as the last survivor of Boston’s chimp rock scene of the early 1990’s. When they go to heaven they will party with like minded compatriots such as MELT BANANA and SPARKS. Past tours from this band have taken them around the world . . . expect some US touring for June 2004.

Song: Azathoth