The doors open to reveal a confident bass and drum duo slinging snot at your windshield in a most original manner. Songs my friend, with dark hinterlands of imagination told in the vernacular of ugly outfits from the past. Ed Schrader’s Music Beat has existed as a live entity since 2009 – releasing a 10-inch. The band was just Ed Schrader at that point playing a floor drum. The addition of Devlin Rice (Nuclear Power Pants) in 2010 on bass made this duo become a true force of nature.

The power of the live show is harnessed on this recording to slamming effect. The songs sweat bacon scented musk that is almost obscene in its draw. Wiry hard rock with a decidely smart sensibility… taking cues from the shadow warriors of the past and adding something altogether weird. Between the notes, the songs and vocals breathe with a band with ambition for the future. This is not “whatever”, this is a sharply pointed riddle aimed like a drill bit at your cortex, with the tickle of laughter ready to overtake you at any moment. Drink up, but be prepared to spit out your nose.