UK’s DJ Scotch Egg brings powerful cosmic energy using the simplest tools available: 4 Nintendo Gameboys and a mixer. Not a noisy release by any means, instead a fully activated set of lean muscular gabber pop music that stares boldly into the sun with the jihad of a suicide vest full of gummi bears. DJ Scotch Egg has opened for DEVO, Shitmat, the Go Team, Lightning Bolt and many others. He is definitely not a DJ, he’s defiantly not Scottish and he’s probably not an Egg.

DJ Scotch Egg’s influences include Karlheinz Stockhausen, SKREAM, John Carpenter, Walter Karloss, Steve Reich, Moondog, John Cage and Speedfreaks amongst others. Many of the tracks on his Scotch Hausen album are inspired by one or more of these particular artists. The Drumized record you now hold in your hands takes cues from older trad jazz, Earache era gabber, and some of your better ringtones. This music is FUN and comes equipped with multiple replay value.

Mr. Egg also has releases on Wrong Music (home of DJ Shitmat) and Kriss Records, and frequently plays in front of thousands of people.thump.

Song: Scotch Stoner