Necessary and Pathetic

Daily Life are a two piece from Providence, RI. After several tapes on Unskilled Labor, the band (CF- vox/synth, Sakiko Mori – synth) decided to enter the studio with Jeff Zeigler (Philly studio wizard) and emerged with a sugar glazed classic of monstrous icy proportions. “Necessary and Pathetic” sketches out a sputtering romantic vision replete with horny armies emerging from the darkness set to a lush trash strewn landscape equipped with sputtering drumbot rhythms. Croon power is set to 10 to ensure moist thongs. Vocals bring forth stories of aimless midnight wanderers, smarting from discipline, and lustful pilgrim rituals with the hard sting of the sunrise. This is not a lo-fidelity stab at synth-pop but a fully formed set of songs executed with maximum vision. After all the buildings fall and the survivors are wandering the wasteland scrounging for dogfood, there will be few truths, but do realize this: the few things of beauty and grandeur, such as Daily Life’s “Necessary Pathetic” LP/CD will exist to instruct the human dog pack to a greater destiny. Stock the shelter with at least one copy.

Song: Arousal and Dreams