Auf Weidersehen

Since 2007’s release of Babylon Rules, Clockcleaner have toured the trailer park areas of the United States as well as conquering the scorched earth of Australia. During this time the band recorded this 4 song EP length record that sharpens their midnight howl in a direction only hinted at in previous releases. Whereas the guitar was a bit louder and the bass and drums lurched and lobbed in the past, the band now operates in a deathly throb that beats like the dying heart of a lonely man. John Sharkey’s voice lays the gloom on like a cyanide capsule hitting a vat of acid with you strapped into the chair for the ultimate death ride.

The songs are sharpened to a razor wire edge with creepy tales of inter-coital head games, walks through dank sides of life and opportunities sorely missed. This is music made for adults with valid ID cards willing to lay their shit out bare for everyone to see. The black snake is crawling outside your door, lace up your boots, bring your saddle and mount the damn thing.

Song: Pissing At the Moon

Clockcleaner – Babylon Rules

Babylon Rules
Loud and ugly brawl rock hailing from the City of Brotherly Love. Clockcleaner is a three piece mixing a hateful stew of wiry hard rock suitable for beating friends and family. This is the bandÕs second full length (Nevermind is their first) and the band has grown suitable land legs that crawl from the pack of burly scum rock revivalists with a confident record that will climb to the top of your stereo with its addictive pummel … all the while pulling your cod piece/quim patch around your ankles. This record promises more goth, death, and sadness and delivers in big miserable boxes.

There is a strange culture of bands existing right now worshipping the downer-laced hard rock sounds of BAUHAUS, FANG and CHRISTIAN DEATH. CLOCKCLEANER stand defiantly and call their new music: SKULL MUSIC. Other bands in the SKULL MUSIC family include Cleveland’s HOMOSTUPIDS. Stay tuned for further SKULL MUSIC transmissions on LOAD.

The groundswell behind this release is monumental, with masturbatory hysteria levels reaching record levels. The combination of the diseased tales of urban paranoia with KICK ASS songs will deliver a total entertainment experience. Dig in! Best record of the year, ever.

This record will confuse LOAD Records consumers however as its not a noise record, it is a record in the HARD ROCK mold. Please go back to your blogging. Good Day.

Song: Vomiting Mirrors