Torture Footage

Wound up and looped guitar, bass, drums actionz from these Southern California warriors of silliness. Definitely melodic with a dark anthemic quality not seen since Mid-West pioneers MX-80 SOUND or somesuch.

This is a limited release for Load Records but exists to erect a fitting Easter Island-stlyed ÒheadÓ on your island. Definitly sharing certain kinship with the Silver Daggers blast of junk punk, but existing more as an island in the room temperature weirdness that is San Diego.

The band has shared stages with LIGHTNING BOLT, AFRIRAMPO, WIVES, ABE VIGODA, and MIKA MIKO and is an integral part of the weirdness that must exist to cause Southern California pain.

Tune in to this fascinating document of a band with zonked songs and fabulous costumes. Or sleep through it and miss the 21st century. You go girl.

Song: Air and Water